Protect your home from burglarsHome security is an issue thought about by pretty much every homeowner or tenant. We all know someone who has been the victim of burglary; be it a quick in-and-out, where purses and keys are stolen or large amounts of valuables being cleared out of a house. No matter what category of victim you fall under, everyone will attest to the feeling of violation and the huge amount of hassle a burglary can cause.

We all think we are doing the best we can in regards to home safety or we assume that because we live in a “safe” area nothing will happen to us. The simple truth however is that we could all be doing more to make our house safer and burglars aren’t restricted by areas; they will target properties through a risk vs. Reward system.

As stated above, there are always a number of things which you can do to improve the security of your property. We have outlined the three which we feel are the most important and that every home should not be without. Ignore at your cost:

Home Alarm Systems

Installing a home alarm system is without a doubt the single most effective way to prevent household burglary. A recent UK home office study which interviewed convicted burglars resulted in 84% of them saying they would not willingly enter a building where a working alarm was fitted. The same survey concluded that homes with poor security are 10 times more likely to be burgled than those with good, visible security including the bell box of an alarm system.

Home Alarm systems don’t have to break the bank either, there are a number of affordable options including non-monitored and DIY alarms. If you are still in two minds about investing in an alarm system why not at least buy a box. Most alarm manufacturers allow you to buy replacement bell boxes, which will allow your property to at least look the part.

Make your property look occupied

The same UK home office study also states that 84% of home burglars would not target a house which they thought was occupied. Most burglars are looking for an easy win; an occupied home presents a more risky and potentially dangerous proposition. Taking this statistic into account, we suggest a number of ideas which will ensure your property appears lived in.

Invest in light timers. These are a fairly inexpensive way of making a property look ‘lived in’ primarily at night time. Also, if you are going to be away for a prolonged period of time; ask one of your neighbours if they wouldn’t mind moving your post of the door mat or parking their car in your driveway at night.

Get into a routine

During 2010 off all reported home burglaries in the UK, 96% of burglars entered through either a door or a window. From this 96%, 33% stated that the windows or doors they entered through had not been locked or closed properly.

Burglars are opportunists, scouring towns and neighbourhoods for houses which present the least amount of risk. Leaving a window open or a door unlocked gives a burglar a route of entry that isn’t going to be noisy or damage the property.

Get into a routine of closing all windows and doors and making sure they are locked and secure. It really doesn’t take a long time to go around the house and check entry points. Once you get into the habit checking and locking will become second nature, immediately improving the security of your property and the valuables within. Reformas Barcelona

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