Hotel Hilton Valencia

The Hilton Hotel in Valencia opened in february 2008, a five-star establishment was set but only one year later they the owner of the Commercial Court no.1 of Valencia declared voluntary bankruptcy against the creditors of the owning company. Today the hotel is for sale in order to avoid the closing and liquidation of the hotel. The problems because the owner of the Hilton Hotel in Valencia (The Commercial Hotel Palacio de Congresos SL) was unable to ensure maintenance the necessary funding to operate the hotel.

The Commercial Hotel Palacio de Congresos SL, being the owner of the Hilton Hotel in Valencia is hoping that its largest creditor, the German bank Eurohypo will authorize the sale of the hotel by June 30. According to Europa Press the company sources said that they are working hard to reach a solution with Eurohypo and present a Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) in order to terminate the contact of the 106 employees who will be affected by the closure.


The Hilton Hotel Valencia stresses that they will continue to manage the hotel in a regular manner until the date that the hotel will be closed and systems shut down.

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