Property renovation and refurbishment

Homesearch Barcelona® is a local estate agency. However, because our natural clients are foreigners relocated to Barcelona, or foreigners seeking to invest in the Barcelona real estate market we provide a range of services, especially designed for their specific needs.

The management of renovation works of apartments and other properties was created in order to add value to our service and as an real estate agency of international character. During the last years we have successfully managed the refurbishments and renovation works of many properties in Barcelona, many of them were old style apartments in typical Barcelona modernists buildings .

For each property or home renovation project we build a team that includes the builder, the designers (when necessary), the architect, the different technicians and free lance professionals. This team, managed by us, will execute the project plan from A to Z. We are managing all the aspects of the renovation project while the owner is intervening in the financial and planning aspects of the project (reviewing and approving quotes, making payments, choosing materials etc.).

Viewing properties for sale in Barcelona or buy an apartment that needs renovations, allows you to have much more options and helps you create your ideal property.

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2 apartments of 45 m2 in the old city of Barcelona

  • Location: Barcelona old city / Gothic quarter
  • 2 apartments of 2 bedrooms each, one bathroom, living room and kitchen
  • A complete renovation
  • Time of execution: 4 months
  • Quality of materials - standard

Complete renovation of apartments building in the old city of Barcelona

  • Location: Barcelona's old city / El Borne
  • An entire building composed of 5 floors. apartments of 30 m2.
  • Complete refurbishment of the building, including apartments, staircase, building installations, building front, roof etc...
  • Time of execution: 6 months
  • Quality of Materials: standard

Complete renovation of 2 bedroom apartment in the old city (Raval)

  • Location: Barcelona's old city / El Raval
  • An apartment of 55 m2, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen.
  • Time of execution: 4 months
  • Quality of Materials: standard

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