Typical street in BarcelonetaBarcelona has ten districts. Barceloneta is the smallest district and forms a triangle between the Port Vell, the old port and the Platja de Barceloneta. North of the zoo is the limit of this district. Barceloneta is an old fishermen’s neighborhood located next to the beach and port and is an only 15 minute walk to the centre. It is a typical Spanish area that has retained almost all of its original style and charm. It is definitely an up and coming neighborhood but still needs some work.

The Barceloneta beach is the closest beach to the centre of Barcelona. This area is probably one of the favorite areas for the tourist visiting Barcelona for a cultural holiday but also wanting to hang out on the beach. Barceloneta beach gained status as the best urban beach in the World and total third best beach in the World, according the documentary film "Worlds Best Beaches" produced by Discovery Channel in 2005. It is especially very popular during the summer season.

The eixample district is a popular area to investEixample is one of Barcelona's ten neighborhoods. It is one on the most modern as its name suggests it. Eixample is the Catalan word for extension, enlargement, which is "ensanche" in castellano. It is a great example of the urban extansion that was planed in Barcelona and follows the work of Plan Cerda, designed by Ildefons Cerdà. It goes from Ciutat Viella up to the neighborhood of Gracia where you can find the Park Guel.

Square in the Gracia districtThe Gracia barrio of Barcelona is located as the city begins its climb towards the mountain of Tibidabo at the rear of the city. It used to be a seperate small town away from Barcelona but as the city has expanded, the Gracia district has been incoporated into the city. This inclusion occured after the Eixample expansion in the 1890s. This history of being a town before its inclusion has enabled Gracia to become one of the most impressive of the barrio´s with its narrow streets and endless array of small interesting shops that mean that you can walk the streets here for hours finding numerous hidden gems and wonderful shops and bars.

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