I was referred to Homesearch Barcelona when I began looking for a place to buy in Barcelona. I wanted to invest in an apartment, and not being a native Spanish speaker, nor knowing much about the real estate market or system in Barcelona or Spain, I thought it best to go through someone who knew what they were doing and could give me guidance throughout the entire process. Deciding to use Homesearch Barcelona to help me with all of this was the best decision I made.
Simply put, I couldn’t have done any of it without them.
The advantages to having a personal real estate agent walk me through every step of the buying process, was invaluable. Not only did they start looking for a place with me, but after the deal was done and the apartment bought, they continued to help with all of the logistical issues until the water was running, the electricity was in my name and until they felt satisfied that all loose ends were tied. I think their continued support after the deal was made was just as valuable if not more so, than having them help me in the actual buying process.
When I first came to Yoram and Marisa, they sat down with me to get an idea of what I was looking for.
They then put together lists of places that seemed to fit the bill and took the time searching for apartments that were up for sale, contacting the agencies and owners and setting up appointments for visitation- something that I didn’t have the time to do, nor did I know exactly where to look. After I finally found the place I wanted, they took care of every detail that pertained to the buying process. They dealt with the lawyers, the banks, the owner of the apartment and anyone else who needed to be involved. There’s no way I could have done this on my own, as there’s endless amounts of documents and paper work that needs to be sorted out and if you don’t know the Spanish system and if it’s not your first language it can become very confusing.
Yoram and Marisa have endless patience when it comes to dealing with clients. They’re reliable, honest, straight up and accountable and they go above and beyond for the people they work with. They’ve been doing this for a long time and their experience and knowledge of the market, as well as the ‘know how’ for how to best deal with Spanish home owners and agencies when it comes to bargaining, was incredibly useful and worthwhile!
Working with Homesearch was a fantastic experience. I wouldn’t have found nor bought the apartment I have today, if it wasn’t for them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a place in Barcelona. It’s worth every cent and will make the entire experience that much smoother and more enjoyable!

-S. Mednick, Canada

I hired the services of Homesearch Barcelona for finding a good real estate deal in the area of Barcelona, with focus on the old city. Marisa made a very profound search including viewing dozens of properties and eventually I was offered 12 great deals to choose from, and finally have purchased a three bedrooms apartment for refurbishing in the old city of barcelona, for a very good price. Service was very personal, and with a lot of atention for my needs as a buyer.
I also used Homesearch Barcelona for designing and reconstructing the apartment, and got amazing results with relativly low expenses. The apratment looks like new, very elegant and inviting. You can see my property in Barcelona here.


I have decided to use Homesearch Barcelona services because in the UK there are a lot of news and stories about people buying a holiday home without have done all of the research and how it all goes wrong.
Even thought I'd done a lot of research myself, I wanted to have someone local who could advise me on the best way to get things done. The service answered my particular needs in every aspect, from helping to find the property, general advice on the property market, finding a good lawyer, and helping with the mortgage arrangements. Later on Homesearch Barcelona managed for me successfully the property purchase in Spain while living on the west Coast of America.
They have provided local property expertise in terms of property location, appropriateness of pricing and potential legal pitfalls when contemplating a purchase in Barcelona. Homesearch Barcelona provided a knowledgeable, responsive, and professional solution for a potential property purchases in Barcelona.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Homesearch Barcelona to other potential property investors as I have found them to be knowledgeable, professional and responsive throughout the entire property purchase.

- Cranston (LA/USA)

Finding and then buying a property in a foreign country is quite daunting.
After a year of research we finally stumbled on Homesearch Barcelona. They are 100% there for us, from start to finish. They were very efficient initially finding our ideal property, then taking care of all the purchase arrangements, negotiations, renovations and rental. And what is most important to me is that the team is always available when needed.”

- P. Ho Fat (London/UK)

I'd just like to thank you for your recent services to us, without your help I think we would have found it very hard to find a suitable apartment, as the other method we tried of using agents found us looking at many unsuitable apartments resulting in lots of wasted time.
Also the help we received with the actual transfer (dealing with the Spanish red tape) was invaluable. Following the purchase, Homesearch also took control of the refit which would have been impossible for us to complete. I believe that the result is a spectacular apartment which suits our needs perfectly. I would recommend Homesearch Barcelona to anybody who is thinking of buying or investing in Barcelona.
Once again Many Thanks.

-Mr. R. Neilson (UK).

Not speaking Spanish and having little knowledge of Barcelona we required the services of a trustworthy agent to help us find the right holiday home.
Homesearch did just that by carrying out an extensive search on our behalf finding apartments which matched our criteria and budget, negotiating with the estate agents, guiding us through the legal processes and ensuring the purchase went through speedily without any problems.
We found their open and honest approach and appreciation of the British home buying experience invaluable as was their excellent grasp of the English language. They took a lot of the stress and hassle away from us and we would recommend their services whole heartedly.

- Mr R. Merrin (UK).

We found the apartment of our dreams in Barcelona with the able help of Homesearch, and I do not think we could have succeeded without them. From the property search to arranging financing & legalities they offered a reliable, friendly service.
In addition to this they found, coordinated and oversaw the numerous contractors we used for our refurbishment. They saved us money and helped us make a great investment, which almost doubled in value within a year, and never gave any reason to doubt the trust we placed in them. It would have been otherwise impossible to do all this from abroad – thank you Homesearch!

-J. Kenedy (UK).

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