The eixample district is a popular area to investEixample is one of Barcelona's ten neighborhoods. It is one on the most modern as its name suggests it. Eixample is the Catalan word for extension, enlargement, which is "ensanche" in castellano. It is a great example of the urban extansion that was planed in Barcelona and follows the work of Plan Cerda, designed by Ildefons Cerdà. It goes from Ciutat Viella up to the neighborhood of Gracia where you can find the Park Guel.

Eixample is such a big neighborhood, it can be divended into 5 smaller disctricts: La Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample, L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample, Dreta de l'Eixample, Sant Antoni, La Sagrada Família and Fort Pienc. Built in the 19th and early 20th centuries, it now counts over 262,485 inhabitants. Its construction started in 1860 after Medieval rampars were destroyed. It has become, since, a very nice neighborhood where people like to live, shop or establish their own business.It is also a place where many of Barcelona's artistic chef d'oeuvre are.

A unique work of architechture

Eixample is a rather young neighborhood built according to the Catalan ingenier, Idefons Cerdà. He showed a real interest for straight lines and designed the entire neighborhood as a grid where each bloc has its own interior courtyard. Because of such regularity it is very easy to find you way around in Eixample.
Passeig de Gracia is the most important street in this district. It is often used as a point of reference and define what belong to the right and left part of Eixample. is also the place ot go shopping. There are all sorts of stores there going from Chanel, Louis Vuiton, to Zara, Kookai, Nespresso, etc.
The left part is older and shows an impressive and unique architecture, even though both sides are magnificent.

Artistic district

Eixample is one of the most artisitic neighborhood of Barcelona. There are many tourist attractions to be found there and a lot of sight seeing to do. You can see the influence of Gaudi throughout the entire area. There are many works of Gaudi such as Casa Batllo, La Casa Calvet or Casa Mila. There is also the famous Sagrada Familia, but Gaudi's work is everywhere around the neighborhood. You can even see it on the sidewalk's pavement, that Gaudi designed, that Eixample is an art galery itself.

The place to be

Even though Eixample is a rather quite neighborhood there are many places to go to for drinks and diner. It is the place to find some of the best restaurant in the city. You will find there any type of cuisine you like. It goes from Catalan cusine to Tapas, Mediterranean, Nouvelle cuisine, Fish and seafood, Chinese or Japanese food,etc. Here lunch is served from 2pm until 4pm and dinner from 9pm to 11pmn however restaurants will often be closed on Sunday nights. This is also the neighborhood where you can find world wide famous bars sur as Dry Martini.

With a good and central location, many art galeries, a rich cultural inheritance and many fancy places to go to, Eixample is a nice place to stay at or to settle down. There are many things to do there and a lot to see. This upper class district is very safe and is easy to get used to and find your way around because of its unique architecture.

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