Square in the Gracia districtThe Gracia barrio of Barcelona is located as the city begins its climb towards the mountain of Tibidabo at the rear of the city. It used to be a seperate small town away from Barcelona but as the city has expanded, the Gracia district has been incoporated into the city. This inclusion occured after the Eixample expansion in the 1890s. This history of being a town before its inclusion has enabled Gracia to become one of the most impressive of the barrio´s with its narrow streets and endless array of small interesting shops that mean that you can walk the streets here for hours finding numerous hidden gems and wonderful shops and bars.

Today, Gracia is one of the most desirable barrio´s in Barcelona to live or rent in due to the barrio having some of the best restaurants in the city such as La Piadina, Gelateria Italiana, Sol Soler and Kibuka. Gracia also has some of the best small boutiques in the city which are always extremly popular for those shoppers that wish to get away from the big chain stores and want to shop in locally run stores. Gracia also has a number of beautiful, small and quaint bars that are perfect for just stopping in and having a drink on a hot, summer afternoon while enjoying Barcelona´s brilliant weather.


Prices in Gracia are reflected by the demand for apartments in this barrio and becuase it is one of the most desirable places to reside in the city, the prices here are higher than most areas of Barcelona. Many of the buildings in the district are old too adding to the charm of the district but also meaning that there are less apartments available in the barrio then other barrio´s in Barcelona.


Some Gracia facts: The Gracia district is home to 2 metro stations: Fontana (line 3) and Lesseps (line 3 also) The famous Gaudi park, Parc Güell is also located in the barrio and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona. It was designed by Gaudi as was the Casa Vicens, also located in the barrio, which was the first building that Gaudi himself designed. The Festa Major de Gracia is one of the most colourful and enjoyable of Barcelona´s festivals. The whole barrio of Gracia is decorated in bright colours for the celebration as well as competing for the prize of best decorated street meaning that every street is beautiful as everyone wants to win the competition. The festival is held every year in the middle of August and the party goes on for 7 days and 7 nights. There are more bars per square metre in Gracia than in any other barrio in Barcelona. Gracia is 4.19km² in size, has 120,087residents (according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística in 2005), its density of inhabitants per km is 28,660 Gracia has 5 neighbourhoods: Vila de Gràcia, el Camp d'en Grassot i Gràcia Nova, la Salut, el Coll, Vallcarca i els Penitents. The current councilman is Ricard Martínez i Monteagudo from the ERC (Republican Left of Catalonia)


So as you can see, Gracia is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Barcelona to live in. It is one of the most popular places for both locals and visitors alike and it is said that once you live in Gracia then you will never want to leave.

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