If you buy a property in Barcelona and have plans emigrating to Spain, it might occur you or your partner will give birth in this country. In this article we will explain the basic information you need on giving birth in Spain.

Being Pregnant in Spain

As soon as you discover you are pregnant in Spain you will need to visit a gynaecologist. From the 3rd month on you need to visit the gynaecologist on a monthly basis to take an echosound. Ever 3 months blood will be tested to check for problems such as a lack of vitamins or minerals, gestational diabetes, HIV, toxoplasmosis, etc.
It is also common to announce the gender of the unborn child as soon as it is possible to tell. If you do not want to know the child´s gender, you have to explicitly indicate you do not want to know it, otherwise you will be told without any warning.
In the last period of pregnancy you will need to visit the gynaecologist every two weeks.



One of the first things you need to do after the birth (within 7 days) is getting a ´Guhtrie Test´´.
You can get this test at the local Centro de Salud. This is also the place where you will need to register your child (on this site you will see where your nearest Centro de Salud´s in Barcelona is located)
After this test you have 30 days to register you child at the town hall Both parents are obliged to attend the registration, because both will need to sign the documents.
For signing the documents you will need to have:
  • 2 passports + 2 copies of each passport
  • A proof of married state (in case you are married)
After a week one of the parents will need to revisit the town hall to get the child´s birth certificate.

Numero de Seguridad Social

After the birth certificate you need to get the so called ´numero de seguridad social´ for the child, which you will need to have when he or she wants to work in Spain in the future. You can get this number at the Oficina de Seguridad Social. Click here to see where in Barcelona it is situated
You will need to bring a
  • passport + a copy of it
  • A proof of married state (in case you are married)

Maternity Leave in Spain

When pregnant, women have the right on maternity leave. This leave may last up to 16 weeks, of which 6 weeks are prior to the birth and 10 weeks are after. In this period you will continued to get paid. You can also choose (as a woman) to assign 2 weeks of the maternity leave to the husband.

Children´s Allowance

Unlike in other countries in Europe, children in Spain do not get a so called Children´s Allowance. However, working mothers with children under the age of 3 can apply at the Agencia Tributaria for a fixed amount of money each month, in order to get some costs covered.
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