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In this section, we have compiled a list of useful articles regarding moving to Barcelona. These are some of the questions we frequently get asked by our clients relocating or buying a property in Barcelona, and we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. Feel free to link to these pages, share and like them on facebook if you find them useful.


In this article will be explained how to obtain a NIE number (Número de Identificaión de Extranjeros) The NIE-number is a number you need for most of the governmental bodies in Spain and is comparable with the English SSN-number. Although the main procedure of obtaining the document is the same in the whole of Spain, little differences may occur in different regions of the country.

The NIE-number is required to:

  • work
  • receive salary
  • sell or buy a property in spain
  • get insured
  • get a bank account
  • pay tax
  • apply for social security
  • apply for a driver´s licence
  • apply for a mobile phone subscription

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