Kids´ room is an important spot in apartments and houses, where sprogs are growing up. While planning a decor for it you should take into account so many things. The most important rule is to listen to your child´s opinion and also be creative. Keep an eye on future, cause tastes of youngsters are changing very fast. Just make an interior flexible so that child´s room can easily be switched to teen´s room.

Choose colorful curtains, that will make a room look sharper and brighter. Take advices from your child: just ask what he/she wants to see on windows.

Use walls as a storage place. Add shelves and hooks for storing toys, books and some other stuff. It is not  only a good way to safe space, but also a good decoration idea.

Decorate walls with paintings and pictures that will show your child´s favorite themes such as princess castle, sport cars or magical forest.

Let your child always remember the best days if his/her life: put photos in colorful frames to the walls. It will add a personal touch to the room.

Consider plants as a good decoration elements. They will add softness to the room and make an air cleaner. Just be sure that your child is old enough not to play with flowers and soil.

Remember that toys can also be educative. Add them to the interior. Moreover, you can also hang some maps on the walls or organize a book shelf with encyclopedias for children.

Do not forget about lamps and lampshades. It is essential to choose right lightening so that you child do not spoil eyes while playing in the dark corner.

Select child´s bedding correctly. It should fit to the whole décor. Buy lively and cute pillows, blanket and sheets that will also match the curtains you have chosen.

Ceiling can also be decorated. Just imagine, you are falling asleep while looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars. Isn´t it a good idea for child´s bedroom?

Following these tips, you might create a place that your child will call his/her own inside your home.

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