People move for all sorts of reasons, and when they do, this process usually requires a lot of decision making and choosing when it comes to many different things related to moving. Some of the common dilemmas include where to find an apartment, which type of apartment to choose, whether you should buy or rent, etc. This is also the case with those who move to Barcelona, a beautiful coastal city that attracts many people from all parts of Spain, as well as from abroad, as it perfectly combines the urban city life and beach you would expect to see in popular resorts.

Over the years we have help hundreds of people find their home in Barcelona, allowing us to become a connoisseur of the local real estate market. Hence we have composed a short list of reasons to buy an apartment in Barcelona.



Leading economic center

Barcelona is one the leading economic centers of this region, and it has great reputation among major global cities. It is an important tourist and cultural center, with millions of tourists visiting the city, as well as neighboring islands which are reachable from Barcelona’s coast. Apart from tourism, commerce is also important part of city’s economy, with a number of trade fairs organized during the year. In fact, Barcelona was the fourth most economically powerful city by GDP in the European Union in 2008.


Job opportunity

With the growth of local economy and the fact that Barcelona is slowly growing into a leading business center of the region, the job opportunities have attracted so many people to move to Barcelona, including both Spaniards moving from other cities and towns in the country, as well as people from other parts of the world. Moving to a larger city to find a job has been number one reason why people move in many countries around the globe, so Barcelona is no exception. It is natural for people, especially young ones, to seek new and exciting job opportunities, and this desire to advance in the career is what makes Barcelona so desirable location for one to move to.

Industries, such as energy, chemical and metallurgy industries are among the largest industries, generating 21% of the total gross domestic product of the region. Thus these industries employ a great percentage of people. Having in mind that Barcelona is the 20th most visited city in the world, tourism industry is also developed, with large number of job openings, especially during the summer season.



Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers making it a perfect location for living. A lot of people decide to live in areas with this type of climate, as it is very easy to adapt and temperatures are always moderate, so there are no harsh winters and snow storms.

The yearly average temperature is around 22 °C, with temperatures ranging between 14 °C during winter months and around 30 °C during summer. It rarely snows in Barcelona, so if you love snow, you are most likely to be disappointed. There are approximately 7 rainy days per month during the year, mostly during the April, May, September and October.

These types of conditions are great for people who prefer to spend time outdoor, as it is unlikely that the weather in Barcelona can spoil your day out. Therefore, this has been one of the most important reasons for people to move and buy an apartment in Barcelona.


Transport and infrastructure

Nothing makes living in the city easier than well-developed transport system, and when it comes to Barcelona, there is no place for disappointment. The fastest way to travel around the city is using metro, which is very modern, fast and quite punctual. Other types of transport are also quite handy to get to a different location in the city.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the largest airport on the Mediterranean coast, with over 37 million passengers a year, which makes it easy to get to the city from any large city in Europe. This location makes Barcelona quite easy to reach, which is quite convenient for people who are looking to move permanently to this city. The Port of Barcelona is mostly important due to commerce, but the harbor also accepts a lot of European cruise passengers, especially during the summer months. Railway and well developed highways connect the city with the rest of the country, and there is also great connection with France.


City of culture

One the main things Barcelona is internationally know is a number of historic sites and monuments. It is the place with such a rich historic and cultural heritage, that living in Barcelona means you will never ever get bored and tired of exploring the city that has been built upon the historic place and has been influenced by many different cultural movements throughout the history, starting from Renaissance to Art Deco. The importance of these landmarks in Barcelona is such that many of them have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

If you decide to live in Barcelona, you get to explore the city every day, and you actually get to live in some of the historic quarters of the city that have been built on the grounds of the old Roman city. Also, when you look for a place to live in Barcelona, you should think about buying an apartment in the part of the city that is perfect for you, based on your needs and desires. Despite the fact that some might be delighted to live in the bohemian quarters, near the local cafes and pubs, you should have in mind that these areas of the city are the busiest, as most tourists spend time in this part of the city. Therefore, if you look for a more quite neighborhood, you should choose one of the districts that is a bit away from the central area.




When it comes to entertainment, Barcelona is certainly a great place to live, which is also good enough reason to buy an apartment in Barcelona. Regardless of your age or personal interests, you will always find plenty of entertainment opportunities in the city. A lot of venues around the city are perfect setting for enjoying music and other performing arts. The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and the Palau de la Música Catalana concert hall are some of the places you should visit if you are interested in classical music and plays. If you are more into modern music and alternative styles, you will probably be interested in attending one of many festivals organized in Barcelona, with the Sónar Festival and the Primavera Sound Festival being two most famous ones.


Quality of life

Better quality of life is frequently the reason why people decide to move, as this desire to move ahead is something that we all have in common, and living in Barcelona has often been seen as a place where one can seek a better life. Although such image is certainly present among people who perceive Barcelona as a beautiful, modern, urban city where there is always something going on, and one cannot get bored, different studies support the fact that Barcelona is in fact one of the most desirable cities to live in. Additionally, the quality of life is on a high level, ranking the city among one of the leading financial centers of Europe. In 2009, the city was ranked Europe's fourth best city for business and fastest improving European city, with growth improved by 17% per year. Even though this perfect record has been negatively affected by the recession in the past few years, the city still holds its place as a great place to live and work in.

When it comes to education, Barcelona offers both public and private education, with lots of different universities where one can specialize in a specific sector. This is quite important for families that are looking to settle in the city, as thinking about the future of their offspring is an important aspect to consider when moving, especially if this is supposed to be a permanent, long-term solution for your family.


Feeling like you are on a vacation

We all know how everyday life can get stressful and we have all been witnesses of stress and fatigue taking their toll. Therefore, one should strive to live in a surrounding that provides a little bit of balance and harmony, allowing people to have their little getaway from everything that might has negative influence of the state of mind.

Barcelona, with its fresh air, sunny weather and sandy beach stretching over five kilometers of coast is what many of as consider like paradise on Earth. Just image seeing a perfectly sunny morning and calm sea in front of you every morning you wake up. If this is a description of your ideal morning, drinking coffee on a terrace overlooking the sunny coast, you get a pretty good reason to buy an apartment in Barcelona, which is near the coast.

Of course, these might be a bit more pricy that the apartments you could find in other parts of the city, but with the development of the local economy, the real estate market has grown as well, meaning that there are living opportunities more than ever, which can fit all of different budgets and desires.


In the end, we want to highlight that Barcelona is the 14th most "livable city" in the world according to lifestyle magazine Monocle, which makes this city a perfect place for anyone to move and settle down.

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