Buying a home is an important step in your life and you need as much help as you can get in this process. You want to be sure when making a decision because this is something that will have strong influence on your life and your lifestyle. The circumstances of buying a new home vary as you might find yourself in different situations. You might have an opportunity to buy your first home for your family. Perhaps you want a new home because you are dissatisfied with the current living arrangement. You might be from abroad and you are interested in investing into a home in Spain.

Selling a property is just as complex endeavor, as having a property that you want to let go off might be more difficult that you have imagined, especially if the property is located in an unpopular neighborhood or if you need this to be done quickly.

What all of these situations have in common is the fact that you are interested in a real estate investment in the Spanish property market. Therefore you want to learn about Spanish real estate market and to consult somebody who will be able to provide professional assistance in the process of buying or selling a property.


Since seeking help in this situation is recommended, we want to highlight five reasons why you should consult Spanish estate agents.


Experience is crucial for determining market conditions

The first and one of the most important reasons to consult a Spanish estate agent is the experience in this particular industry. Each industry, including real estate, has individuals who specialize in this field, learn about laws and practices that apply, discover new ways of handling situations that occur. With this in mind it is natural for you to consider consulting a professional with experience in home and property purchase. Someone with enough experience can advise about making a sale or purchase, forming the price and determining other instances inside the contract that will finalize the sale.

Regardless if you are selling or buying a property, you will need to understand the situation on the market, to know the legislation, to know how to market the property and reach buyers or property owners.  As someone with no experience in this industry, you might encounter a lot of difficulties which will make the process of selling or buying property complex or even impossible. You do not need to know everything about buying or selling a property if you hire an estate agent who does. You do not have this experience nor do you need it, because situation like this happens once or a couple of times in your life, and this is not something you should devote your time to. However, the knowledge is needed to be able to handle the situation in the best possible way, so the person with experience is the most logical choice.

An estate agent is somebody who specializes in property purchase and knows a lot about real estate market. This knowledge and experience the agents have obtained by working with many clients is what makes them so valuable when you need information about Spanish real estate market.


Familiarity with the market

Having said that, we come to the second reason why consulting an estate agent might be advisable in your case. Real estate market might be a completely unfamiliar territory for you. The situation on the Spanish market might be something new for you because the legislation and the practices might be different in your country. Either way, familiarity with the market can be very helpful when negotiating the terms and conditions regulating the property purchase.

Agents also possess knowledge about the neighborhoods, they know the information related to demographics, vicinity of the school, parks, shopping malls, and other amenities. They also know how the prices are formed on the market, as well as circumstances regarding sale. For example, you might not know that the property you want to buy has been on the market for a long time, which means that the owners would probably be interested in negotiating the price. An estate agent can also help with comparing the prices, as being familiar with the market gives them leverage over individuals who cannot successfully compare the prices due to not knowing enough about the similar properties and how different factors, such as location, may influence the price of the property. In this sense, price guidance can be a very good reason to hire an estate agent, regardless if you are buying or selling a property. Market conditions can be a factor that will determine how you proceed in the process of selling or buying.


Knowing the Spanish legislation is very helpful

Now we come to the legislation as something that will regulate the terms and affect the sale contact. While you might be vaguely familiar with these terms, an estate agent knows all the rules that apply and laws that need to be followed in order to finalize a property purchase and keep your interests safe. In order to protect your interests and make sure that everything goes smoothly, you should sign a contract that will regulate everything and be in accordance with valid Spanish law.

Numerous unforeseen circumstances can jeopardize your interest and you might face a legal battle to protect your property, so hiring someone who can create a contract that is fully valid in the court of law and can represent your best interest is always advisable. Paying a property tax is also something you will need guidance with, and an estate agent can help you by answering many questions that might pop up along the way.


Don’t let the language be an obstacle

Language can be a huge obstacle for people who are not from Spain but are interested in investing in the Spanish estate market. Despite the fact that Spain is a country that hugely rely its economy on tourism, the locals are not particularly fluent in foreign languages. This language barrier can be difficult to overcome in every day communication, but when it comes to complex situations such as property purchase or sale things can get even more difficult. Hiring an estate agent can be very helpful in this situation as most of them are bilingual. What is more important they are fluent in Spanish so they can help you with analyzing the terms of contract and making sure your interests are protected.

Some regions of Spain have more than one official language such as the situation in Barcelona. In this case besides knowing Spanish, you might end up needing Catalan as well. Although the language has lots of similarities with Spanish, it still is a different language, and if you are in the process of investing in real estate market in Barcelona, make sure you fully understand everything related to this process.

Some investors opt for hiring a translator in this situation, but an estate agent who speaks several languages, among which is your own native language, would be better and more economical choice. Language is one of the things you should think before selling or buying a property in Barcelona. Besides knowing the actual language, what real estate agents are known for are they negotiation skills. Negotiation and working with people is something that is typical of this profession, so good agents are trained to present their clients in the best light and protect their interests during the negotiation and transaction.


Assistance when consulting Spanish estate agents

Buying or selling a property in Spain is something that will take time to finalize. Besides finding ways to promote property in case you are selling, or browsing online to find property you are interested in, you will also need lots of time for showing the property to potential buyers or visiting the property yourself in case you are the buyer. You will also need time to communicate and schedule meetings, to collect necessary documents for this process, and other tasks that might occur down the line. All of this demands a lot of time, time which you might not have due to your own work or personal matters. In case you are from abroad, things can be even more difficult to organize when you are not able to be present during meetings.

This is another reason why an estate agent is an option you should consider. You might end up needing a lot of assistance through this process, which is why hiring an agent is recommended. Purchase agreements can stretch on 10 pages and more, plus you will need a lot of other documents, which makes handling the paperwork something you would like to avoid, especially if you do not have enough free time. This is where an estate agent can be very helpful. You should also have in mind that an agent is a professional who is trained to keep client’s information confidential, which means that having such assistance, you can make sure that your personal data and other information about the property are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to the third parties.


Besides saving you a lot of time, an estate agent can help you with helpful advice and recommendations, which can be so valuable. The process of buying or selling a property on the Spanish market can be very complex, and you might have a lot of questions down the line, as well as some doubts about the property, about the contract and protecting your interests, etc. All of this makes assistance from an estate agent reasonable choice when you think about investing in Spanish real estate market.

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