Give your home new look with statement wallAre you always wondering how is it that the rooms in movies or design magazines look so perfect?

In case you are bored of white walls and the same design of your bedroom,kitchen or any other room in your home,Homesearch Barcelona have a couple of suggestions for you.


Bold look is beautiful and adds amazing effect to any kind of space in your house. Statement wall can be affordable and simple option when you want to get a fresh look.

You have several options for various budgets, how to create unique statement wall - from painting ,to wallpapers, photographs or bricks.



If you are looking for a solution which won't be too pricey and time consuming,painting is the right solution for you.

However,there are few things you have to be aware of when it comes to painting the statement wall.

First of all, pick more than one color and paint a piece of the wall with each of them.Observe the colors in all hours of the day ,to see how it looks in different light.

After you chose the color which is closest to your heart , do one light coat and let it dry.This way you will have several light coats what looks better than one thick coat.


To achieve the right effect ,leave the rest of the walls in neutral color and try to combine the furniture with the statement wall.



Another option can be use of wallpapers. They have a comeback among the interior designers, look gorgeous, are easy to apply and not a costly solution.

The big advantage of wallpaper is that it adds interesting look to a space. Just remember,that sometimes ,less is more.


For more bold look, you might use a bricks , graphic tiles or salvaged wood . This option is however,more time and money consuming. On the other hand, the look you will achieve by using this material is amazing and sometimes breath taking.

We suggest you to use these types of material in living rooms, kitchen, dinning halls or bathrooms.


For those of you who love photography and good pictures,we suggest you to paint the wall with your favourite color and put on pictures in frames matching the wall's color.

It looks spectacular and it is a guarantee for original look of any space in your house.


Last advice would be : Don't be afraid of colors and patterns. It looks gorgeous and unique.

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