Home improvement loans SpainThe Spanish housing minister, Beatriz Corredor, has asked the banks to study how to offer loans for reformation and renovation work beyond traditional loans. The minister noted that neither personal credit or mortgage extensions are suitable for funding home improvements.

The government estimated that in 2020 refurbishments accounted for 35% of investment in Spanish real estate, and Corredor advises that small businesses are directed towards this area.

Transparent bathtub Real Estate BarcelonaPosh bathtubs are a great way to show off your sophisticated taste in decorating your home. This particular bathtub is a great way to simply show off - being transparent, it is intended for the exhibitionists among us, although you could always lock the door. The idea is to create a feeling of light and space in your bathroom. The bathtub comes complete with leather headrests at either end.

Salvador Dali wall clockSalvador Dalì is probably one of Catalunya´s most famous exports, a surrealist painter born in Figueres, near Barcelona, in 1904. His painting were very influentual, and Dalì employed symbolism in his works. His melting clocks theme was inpired by Einsteins theory of relativity, that time is relative and not fixed.

Mesabonita end tableBring a piece of modernism to your apartment with one of these hand made tables from Mesa Bonita, based in Barcelona. The tables are made out of old modernista floor tiles, some up to 125 years old. Benedicte Bodard started her business after moving to Barcelona 6 years ago and discovering these beautiful tiles in skips. She became fascinated and started collecting them, and eventually decided to turn them into these elegant tables.

Benedicte produces a range of tables, from coffe tables, to telephone tables and end tables. Priced from 480€ upwards.

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