15 initiatives for Spain undertakenSpanish companies want to overcome the economic crisis in their country, so some organizations launched a business institutions-manifesto to for a project in five areas of action to boost employment.

New taxes and regulation are the new mindset and adequate funding for start-ups key.

The initiative "Emprende Spain!" Born with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship in our country and estimated to follow the steps of the project, a total of 500,000 new companies would be founded."Spain Undertakes!"

In an interview about the economic situation in Spain,the Minister of  Economy Luis de Guindos, said that "the export sector is that which will bring Spain out of the crisis."

The minister of Economy had a meeting with the Governament to discuss about the labour reform and how to lower unit labor costs. He stated that exports in Spain are increasing and this is the key to improve competitiveness.

Now days is always more difficult to find green areas in a big city.

Sometimes you’re forced to renounce to breathing good air in order to live in a city with all the facilities.

But, in Barcelona is not unusual to find parks in the middle of the town, indeed the municipality of the city strongly believe in the importance of keeping green spaces here.

IE Business School among the best school in the worldNo ranking can resist to Spanish business schools. Them are considered some of the best in the world, according to the comparison made by the Financial Times ;and among the various education programs offered by European centers, IE Business School has been placed in the first positions in Europe.

Even if sometimes people can discuss about the criteria of these rankings, is sure that they are connected to the students attending the schools, the professors teaching there, the programs offered and their environment.
The IE Business School offers to the students great programs with international professors and above all an international environment.

For students is not important that if the school go up or down in the rankings, but this is important for companies that use rankings to decide from which school recruiting new employers.

And of course, it can affect the choice of a student to attend a school or another one, because it gives you the possibility to get back the investment you made in the school.

Another reason why choosing IE Business School connect to the possibility of working in Europe for people coming from the rest of the world.

Is not unusual indeed, that European companies want to hire people that studied in Europe, like in the IE Business School, placed among the best 30 schools in the world.
So, the ranking of a school becomes important for the choice, and above all if the school has been at the first places of a chart for years, like the IE Business School of Barcelona, of course is a good choice.

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I want to learn catalánCatalan is the co-official language of the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia.

Even if Spanish is the most used language here in Catalonia, is always better to learn the local language to get into the environment.

The Generalitat de Catalunya offers a lot of resources to help the citizens or the foreigners living here to learn the language, for exemple there are a lot of courses to learn catalan like:

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