People move for all sorts of reasons, but one of the most often reasons why people make such a decision is due to work opportunities. Some might be encouraged by the city itself or maybe want to accompany a spouse, but career has been one of the number one reasons why people choose to move, not only in Barcelona, but all around the world as well.

The development of European Union allowed workers mobility inside the Union, enabling people to easily move to different countries seeking for new and exciting job opportunities. This is one of the most common motives people choose relocation to Barcelona as their next step in the process of advancing in their career.

Being an important economical, commercial and tourism center of Spain, Barcelona is a desirable location to many of those who are looking a place to continue and further develop their career.

Although education is less prominent as a motive for relocation to Barcelona, there is a significant number of young people who choose Barcelona as the place to continue their education. With several universities and a variety of different study programs and degrees, Barcelona is considered an important educational center in this part of Europe, and thus it represents a destination of choice for many European students, as well as for students from other parts of the world.

Why to consider relocation to Barcelona?

Many reasons can influence your decision to relocate, and as said, career opportunities and educations are some of the most common reasons. Some people also choose to seek these opportunities precisely in this city, because their main desire is actually move to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a very beautiful, coastal city, with moderate climate and mild temperatures during the entire year, which is something a lot of people like. Not all of us enjoy harsh winters, and choosing to live in a city such as Barcelona means that you will never face another cold winter again. Unfortunately, this also means that you will rarely see any snow during the winter, but maybe this is fine with you.

Even in case you simply accompany a spouse or a family member who has an opportunity to work or study in Barcelona, you will find a lot of value in living in this city, as you might find job opportunities yourself, you might become a teacher, you might explore the city in pursue of remarkable places to photograph for your blog, you might work on clothes design, etc. Not having a job offer before you actually move to Barcelona does not mean that you will not enjoy the city and that you will not find good ways to spend your time. You could consider taking up a language course, joining a reading club, etc.

When to relocate to Barcelona?

The period between March and October is the period when Barcelona gets the largest number of tourists, as this is the best period to visit Barcelona, mainly due to the nice weather. However, since your intention to move to Barcelona is usually related to a specific date, such as the date when you start your new work, or the date when the semester on the college starts, you will need to think about this specific date when deciding when to relocate to Barcelona.

You do not want to arrive too early, such as several months in advance, because your living expenses might significantly increase in comparison to the expenses you had back home. In addition, you will not have much to do when you first arrive, and it might be too much waiting for you till your work or college starts. In this period, you might not even know anyone in the city, and your only opportunity to socialize will be when you start working or going to classes, so arriving to early means you might end up spending too much time on your own, until you get to know people in Barcelona.

Ideally, you want to arrive two or three weeks before you commitment starts. This means that if you start to work in February, you should arrive to Barcelona at some point in mid January. This will give you enough time to make yourself comfortable in the accommodation of your choice, to get to know the neighborhood where you will be living, to find the nearest supermarket, the nearest café where you could go for a coffee, the nearest gym if you want to work out, etc. You will also have enough time to visit the place where you will be working or going to college, in order to find the best way to get there, whether it is using the metro, walking or taking a bus.

Where to live in Barcelona?

Choosing where to live in Barcelona is a complex decision, which depends on many different factors. Unlike with short trips, where staying in a hotel or a hostel might be a good choice, relocation to Barcelona means that you will need to find an apartment where you will live during your stay in Barcelona. Regardless if you choose to buy an apartment, in case your relocation is permanent, or if you choose to rent one, in case your relocation is temporary or you are not certain about the period you will have to spend in the city, you need to have in mind several things when looking for an apartment in Barcelona.

Firstly, you have to be aware that different districts offer apartments at different prices. While apartments in the center of the city might be a little bit more pricy, you will be able to find more affordable apartments in districts which are not close to the city center. Also, apartments vary in size, the number of rooms, and other features inside the apartment, so you need to find the one that matches your criteria, regardless if we talk about the number of rooms, the fact that apartment has a terrace, a view, etc.

You also need to have in mind the points of interest in the city. This means that finding an apartment near the office or near the university might be more convenient for you. Additionally, if you have some friends and cousins already living in Barcelona, this could also help you when choosing the location of the apartment in Barcelona, as you could live near the people you know, which might be very convenient for you. This way you can easily interact with them, and generally stay in touch.

What to consider when relocating to Barcelona?

Finally, there are lots of things to consider when relocating to Barcelona, which will allow you to be more prepared for the fact that you will be living in a different city, in a different country perhaps, that you will know only a few people, perhaps even none, and that you will be needing help in the process of adjusting and getting accustomed to living in Barcelona. In order to be prepared when you arrive to the city and to speed up the process of immersion and allow you to adapt to the new environment more quickly, you need to think about the following:


Barcelona has two official languages, Spanish and Catalan. The language used in offices and educational institutions in mainly Catalan. The two languages have a lot of similarities, so if you already know Spanish, you will have no problems in living in Barcelona. In case you do not know any of these two languages, the knowledge of English can help you. However, have in mind that if you truly want to feel comfortable living in Barcelona and if you want to avoid language barriers when interacting with the locals, when exploring the city and meeting new people, you will need to learn some basics of the local languages.


The official currency in Barcelona is Euro. The euro has eight coin denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1 and 2 Euros, while bank notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euros. If you come from a European country that uses Euro, this will not impose any problems for you, but if you come from a country that uses some other currency, make sure you convert your money once you arrive to the city.


In case you need to use public transport in Barcelona, you should know some basic information about how the system works:

Barcelona metro – This is one of the fastest ways to travel around the city, enabling you to avoid traffic jams and road constructions. All main entrances to Barcelona metro have ticket booths in front of the entrance, as well as a map of metro lines, allowing you to easily determine where you are and which metro line you need to get to a specific location. Barcelona metro map can be of assistance when you first arrive to the city and you are still getting acquainted with the scenery. Here is the map of metro lines:

Barcelona buses – This is also a valid way to reach a certain destination in Barcelona, especially if you actually travel to a nearby location, so using the bus for two or three stops is much more convenient than using the metro. Bus routes are marked by a pole or a shelter. You validate your card in the machine once you get on the bus. The following bus map can be used as a reference: Map

Barcelona card – Depending on the frequency of usage, you can purchase one of the Barcelona cards, which allows you to use all types of public transport which are part of the Integrated Fare System. Here is a useful list of types of cards you can purchase for public transport in Barcelona: TMB

Shopping – As living in Barcelona will allow you to explore the city and find a lot of great shops to buy clothes, home decor, etc., once you first arrive to the city you will need to find a place where you will be able to buy food. Preferably, the supermarket of your choice should be somewhere near your apartment, which is more convenient for you and you will be able to put away all of the groceries you have purchased shortly after shopping. Carrefour is one of the supermarkets offering a large collection of products and groceries.

Health Care System – If you already have European Health Insurance Card, you should be aware that this insurance will only have you insured for short term visits, and while it is very useful for tourist visits, you will have to find an alternative when planning on relocating to Barcelona, especially if your relocation is permanent, and you also have other family members moving with you. The following post will help you understand the health care system in Barcelona and how to get health insurance while you are an inhabitant of Barcelona: Medical treatment and insurances in Barcelona

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