Homesearch Renovation and refurbishment properties in BarcelonaBarcelona is a desirable location for travelers, as well as for those seeking their temporary or permanent relocation opportunity in this lovely coastal city. The combination of urban city life, rich cultural heritage and wonderful beach stretching to almost five kilometers, makes Barcelona one of the most loveable cities in the world.

A lot of people decide to seek the properties in Barcelona they can buy, regardless if those are foreigners or people from other cities in Spain, due to the fact that Barcelona is an important cultural and finance center of this part of the country. However, most people need help with finding opportunities to improve the properties of apartment they are interested in Barcelona, because the process of renovation is usually done when someone acquires a new property. This process allows the person not only to take care of certain imperfections, but it also gives a chance to remodel and introduce something new when redesigning the interior.

This is why we want to explain and help you understand the process of renovation and refurbishment properties in Barcelona, which will allow you to determine how you are going to start and manage the process in order to be satisfied with the results in the end.

Decide which property to buy

The first part of the process is deciding which property to buy. When it comes to buying the properties that require renovation, you actually need to be able to imagine the way the property will look like after the process of refurbishment is done. For example, when you go on to check the property you are going to buy, to see if that is something you really want, you might be repelled by the current state, as the property might look horrible, and the need for renovation is so obvious. In this case, you have to be able to image what the place would look like after you have finished the renovation, and this will help you tremendously with deciding on which property to buy. Just try to image how it would like after painting the walls, replacing the furniture, windows, doors, etc. You might also want to remove or add some walls, depending on the number of rooms the property has.

Additionally, this is the time where you need to focus on other important aspects, as the process of renovation is very complex and you have to make sure that you are really able to conduct all the works you have planned in order to shape the property into what you want. You should check a property to see if there are any obvious faults, such as weak walls, leaky roof, and similar, as these might be very big and expensive issues you will encounter. It is much better to be aware of those issues and the amount of cost they would require in case you choose to fix them, than to begin the process of renovation and encounter unforeseen difficulty such as a leaky roof. Have in mind that most of the faults can be fixed during the renovation, but at a certain cost, and the more complex the problem is, the more costly it will be.

Old buildings usually are very interesting places to live in and they have that special charm, but they can sometimes be very complex to renovate and you have to be very careful with this. Sometimes, it might be even better to buy a bit newer house or an apartment in a recently erected building, as the costs of renovation might be quite acceptable, in comparison to old buildings which require much more time to refurbish, and consequently greater budget you will need to have in order to finish the entire project of renovation.

Determine the accurate estimates on the renovation work

The process of determining the state, of the property you are about to buy, should not go without an expert opinion. You should always consult builders and other experts who will be actually working on the renovation process, as this way you will be able to get exact estimates on the current situation, the estimates on the costs and the time period needed to conduct all the works.

You need to determine what exactly needs to be changed, removed or added in the process of renovation, regardless if it is a damp-proof course, installing the new windows or doors, timber treatment, painting, rewiring or improving the installation of the central heating system. If you decide to buy a house, you might also need to install electricity and water, depending on the house. All of these are a bit more complex tasks, that are usually part of a major renovation of a house or an apartment, which is necessary when the property has been abandoned for a long time and when a lot of time has passed from the previous renovation. In such situation, the property needs to be completely checked to determine the exact issues and the costs that would be involved in the process of renovation and fixing all the issue that would otherwise disturb the living conditions of the future tenants.

When it comes to the properties that have been renovated recently, you still might want to do a bit of renovation work before you move in. This means that you might want to consider painting the walls, replacing and modernizing the kitchen and the bathroom, or maybe even changing the tiles on the floor, depending on its current condition. This helps you make the place more to your personal liking and it allows you to adapt the interior to your needs.

The idea is to determine everything you are going to change and replace in the new property you are going to buy in Barcelona. This will help you with determining the exact costs of the renovation process, regardless how complex or simple it might seem at first. Having a budget in advance helps you with planning and determining what you can do with your new property and all the aspects you could improve in order to make the property a better place to live.

Planning the renovation

Planning the renovation

Once you have all of the data and the estimates on the costs required to go through with the renovation process, as well as estimated time period necessary for everything to be completed you can go on with planning the renovation. This means determining the exact date when the work is going to start, regardless if you have decided to manage everything on your own, or you have hired someone to help you with the renovation.

You will also need to plan the process of the renovation, how everything is going to go. For example, if you are going to replace all the windows in the property, you will obviously do that prior to painting the interior of the property, as you do not want to double the work. As with any other project, planning is essential in order to be successful and to finish the project in the predicted time frame, while staying within the budget assigned to the process of renovation.




What else you need to have in mind?

  • Find the reliable team

    Property renovation is not something you can do on your own. Although there are some parts where your DIY skill will come in handy and you will be able to manage some of the tasks on your own, or with a help of your friends, you should avoid tackling into any tasks you are not completely comfortable with and you are not entirely sure the way they are supposed to be done. It is much better to find help when you need it than to make the situation even worse by tampering with the job you are not able to finish on your own.

    Hiring an architect, an electrician, a plumber or a builder can be very helpful as not only will they provide you with an expert opinion, but they will make sure the job is done professionally, and according to the best standards and regulations. Also, having a reliable team helps you keep on track and make sure you are able to fulfill your plan and finish the property refurbishment within the deadline you have determined for the project.

  • Make sure you do not rush things

    When you purchase a new property, you will be most eager to move in and start decorating the interior and making it a comfortable place for living. This means that you cannot wait for the renovation work to be over, but you should be careful not to rush anything. The process of renovation and refurbishment of properties requires some time to be completed. Besides the actual work needed to be done in the process of renovation, some works require a period for drying, which means that there are several days that might pass before any work can be continued as you wait for the walls to dry, for example.

    In this situation, you must be very patient and make sure you do not rush things. Rushing can only have negative consequences on the long run, as the recommend period for drying and other additional works should be taken into consideration. You do not want to have hurriedly renovated apartment, which might cause additional problems soon, but instead you want the renovation to be of high quality in order to make sure that everything is done with great care.

    In the end, all that matters is that you are satisfied with the results. The entire process of renovation of property can be very tiresome and stressful for certain people, especially for those who are too busy at work and do not have enough time to monitor the works as they progress. As a result, hiring help with renovation might be a good way to sort out everything and make sure your property get the treatment you want, regardless of the scale of renovation and the amount of time necessary to conduct everything. This way you ensure that all the works are conducted professionally and with great attention to details, ensuring the highest quality of the works conducted on the property.

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