Nowadays, most of the people prefer to live in bigger cities, which literally means that they have to choose flats instead of staying in spacious private houses. One of the most typical problem of flats is lack of space.

Not everyone knows that this issue can be easily solved. Following advices will help to get better use of space by implementing clever interior design. As a result, you will get better use of space and even create extra one.

First of all, you should consider walls as a possible storage place. You can have few levels to keep more stuff on them. Use higher sections for the things you don´t use often and the lower ones for items you need regularly.

Also, you should organize your space in a way that things are put in strategical order. Thereby you will clean up your internal space and your apartment will automatically look bigger.

Forget about a standing wardrobe.  The best option for your tiny flat is fitted wardrobe, that is getting more and more popular. It has moving doors which means that you can have it installed in really narrow place.

You can also consider buying a space-saving bed. This kind of beds can be easily hidden into the wardrobe or board.

In blocks of flats built more than 80 years ago, apartments might include quite much unnecessary space, for example corridors and awkward walls. By removing them you will get larger rooms and more usable space.  But do not remove internal walls without a permission of structural engineer. Otherwise you might have problems as it is prohibited to demolish supporting walls.

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