Stress- free house for a better lifeAfter long day in work or school, everyone dreams about peaceful,quite and comfortable space. This space might be your house after you will make just few small changes.

Homesearchbarcelona has for you couple of useful tips.


1) Starting from the entrance. The first thing you want to see when you are coming home is something what makes you smile, makes you happy.

That may be a family picture hanging on the wall, souvenir from great holiday, vase with favourite flowers or paiting.

It is vital that you feel good and relaxed from the moment you walk in.



2) If your living room is full of different things and furniture , prepare for a reduction process.

Packed places look smaller and makes one feeling anxious and stress. Living room is place where you invite your guests, sit with your family or read a book.

Therefore, you don't 5 coffee tables or picture frames all around. Choose carefully what will fit and it's needed in space such as living room.Painting walls white or light colors will help to create feeling of more spacious room.


3)While talking about rooms filled with furniture and decorations from the top to the ground, we advise to reduce, but also rearrange.

You should be able to run to the phone without banging your feet on the coffee table or a wooden animal.

Everybody should be to move around their house without being worried that you going to hit your toe in some,not really needed, piece of furniture.

In case you really love the coffee table you got from your friend or family, keep it . Just rearrange the way the room is furnished at the moment.


4)To have a healthy sleep and wake up all fresh is a wish of every person.However, it is fact that these people who have in their bedroom TV,PC and another electronic devices have much worse and are not able to rest, as much as the people, who keep these devices out of the sleeping zone.

The light from these devices singnals the brain to stay awake, interfer with a good night sleep.This is a cause of you waking up all nervouse and with higher level of stress hormones.Just think about it. When you are on vacation, usually you fall asleep after long day ,with sound of sea from outside, and waking up all happy.

Therefore, for your own good, you should switch off or even better remove all these gadgets from your bedroom.


5)If you are not living in the middle of forest or in an apartment with a view to a park or the beach, is good to feel a piece of nature in the house.

Bring natural elements to your home in order to create more relaxed and friendlier atmosphere. Buy more plants or hang a mirror across the largest window to bring more light into the room.

In case your apartment is situated in part of the city where you can see only buildings and a road, put on the walls pictures of landscape.

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