The dream of each true housewife is to have a big and convenient  kitchen. Unfortunately, in modern blocks of apartment kitchen areas are planned to be not so spacious. But maximizing every centimeter of precious space you get a properly designed small kitchen with minimum clutter and maximum efficiency.

Just follow our advices and at the end your tiny kitchen will look like a place where you will long to spend your all free time.

First of all, you should consider walls as a possible storage place. Use different hooks and shelves to hang various kitchen items instead of storing them on your work area. Just for example, you may place all the knifes on the special mounted rack. Thereby you won´t need knife blocks that always take so much space on the work surface. Pots and pans may be hung on the special rack as well.

If you have enough space for an island, you should not miss this useful table that is often used as a working surface, storage closet and place to eat. If you are planning to get it, choose the one which has a room underneath so that you can hide stools when they are not needed.

Use corners efficiently. For instance, you can place a built-in cupboard there.

All in all, there are so many different ways to make your small kitchen look more spacious and less messy. Just rethink using every single nook in efficient way.

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