Tips for a Stress-Free Move to BarcelonaThere are few things in life as stressful as moving. The event is guaranteed to take more time, energy, and money than you allot, and you will almost always find yourself questioning the wisdom of making the move in the first place. Even when you are only moving down the block or across the street, moving requires a lot of planning, heavy lifting, and energy. But moving down the block is still easier than moving to a foreign country. When you are relocating to a new country, you have a whole new list of worries. Do you speak the language? Do you have any friends and family? Will you be able to find a job? Do you have a place to live? While you can do your best to answer these questions in the preparation phase, there is always still at least a little bit of uncertainty looming ahead.


Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city filled with delicious food, high culture, and plenty of attractions. Tourists have long flocked to Barcelona to see the museums and art galleries, enjoy the beach, visit the Gothic Area and port, and of course, revel in the vibrant nightlife. If you are moving to Barcelona, though, you are thinking beyond the day trips and more about long-term issues. Below are some tips for a stress-free move to Barcelona.

Plan ahead. This is an important tip for any move, but especially one to a foreign country. Preparing for a large move is overwhelming at times, but if you have a plan and adjust it as you go through it, you will feel more in charge and in control. Your plan doesn’t need to be more than a running list of what needs to get done, along with an understanding of your own priorities.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Barcelona

Make at least some arrangements before you leave. While it might have been a fun adventure to arrive in Europe with nothing more than a backpack and a map when you were 18 and on vacation, making a permanent or semi-permanent move requires more arranging before the flight. Know where you will go from the airport, and make sure you have tied up loose ends in the U.S. like getting your mail forwarded and canceling your cable account before you go.

Find an English-speaking real estate agent. Whether you find your new home before the move or once you are already in Barcelona, it is important that you have a local expert who can help you and communicate effectively with you. Try searching online or asking your local contacts for recommendations. Your real estate agent will do more, hopefully, than just find you a new place to live. They can likely help you navigate complex tax laws and contracts.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Barcelona

Learn at some Spanish before you go. It can be very intimidating to find yourself in a foreign country where nobody speaks your language. But if you have even a few basic language skills, you will feel less lost and more in control. Know how to ask where the bathroom is, how to tell a taxi driver where you’re going, and how to warn a waiter of any food allergies.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Barcelona

Understand the real estate market. The Barcelona real estate market is culturally and economically diverse, so be aware of the neighborhoods you are looking at and your price range. There is something for everyone, though, so don’t be scared!

About the Author: Adam Franklin is an avid traveler who enjoys living and working in beautiful Barcelona. Adam recently spent 3 months traveling in the American Southwest. Click here to learn more about his accommodations.

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