Economic adviceWe believe that part of our the job of a real estate agency that provide services to the international client is to secure the financial feasibility of any purchase operation. As foreigner you may not have all the information you need in order buy a property safely. We will help you to calculate how much cash you need to complete the purchase, what amount of bank finance will be required and we will make sure your finance is adequate to your purchase intentions.

This advice from local agency that speaks your language can be crucial when bank finance is involved or when your budget is tight. Missing a hidden cost or miscalculating the monthly costs incurred by your property could get you in to an unpleasant situation. Local Spanish real estate agents tend to minimize the over head cost of the purchase in order to urge you to put down the deposit. Homesearch Barcelona will make sure you are aware of each and every financial aspects of the purchase.

Bank finance for the purchase: Homesearch Barcelona® is collaborating with a couple of banks for financing our client’s purchases, through a mortgage loan. The first bank is the CAIXA UNNIM, a local Catalan bank. The other one is Barcelona branch of the Halifax bank (UK). Both of them will study the possibility to finance your property purchase.


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