Financial advice as well as mortgage finance are critical elements in any successful real estate investment abroad. From our experience we know that the financial aspects related with buying properties abroad or making a real estate investments can be very different from one country to another. Planning carefully the finance of your property purchase can save you money and protect you from spending more money than necessary. Many property buyers in Spain have lost money payments only because they have discovered that they had miscalculated their cash needs for the purchase or have been denied a mortgage which they depended on.

Homesearch Barcelona® has a long term relation with one of Catalonia`s leading banks, financing clients investments. This collaboration allows us to offer the most competitive finance terms in the market, as well as advising you with precision as for your cash needs, your required payback amounts in comparison with your expected rental income.

* Note: clients who wish to obtain local mortgage finance must demonstrate a steady income in their country of origin, providing official documentation, such as the annual tax declaration or pay check slips. Bank may also require detailed report including movements in of client habitual bank account as well as a letter from the bank stating client solvency.

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