Real estate Barcelona - vote diagonalCitizens of Barcelona get to vote to choose how Avinguda Diagonal will look after its reinvention. The Avenue currently cuts diagonally across Barcelona, starting at Diagonal Mar. The idea is to extend the tram lines to connect two extisting tram networks in Diagonal Mar and Francesc Macia. This will mean a major remodelling of the street.

However, noone can agree how to change the street. Shall we have the tram on the outside or the inside? Shall we sacrifice pedestrian space for the tram, or reduce the traffic lanes? How will this affect traffic in Barcelona, as Diagonal is one of the busiest roads in the city?

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In May 2010, people will choose between two options, or vote to leave everything as it is and avoid the problem entirely. Voting will be done electronically, at 108 terminals scattered around Barcelona.

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