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In this section, we have compiled a list of useful articles regarding moving to Barcelona. These are some of the questions we frequently get asked by our clients relocating or buying a property in Barcelona, and we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. Feel free to link to these pages, share and like them on facebook if you find them useful.


Everyone loves Christmas time and the atmosphere it brings is wonderful isn't it? One of the great thing that we like to have is Christmas wreaths on our doors or even inside of our homes. So now it is time to gather some tips with photos of how to make these wreaths easily at home. Let's start!

Many people before considering to move in another country, they think about financial situation of that country, for example to start a business or to invest their money.

About this subject, there are a lot of wrong believes or bad myths about Spain.

That’s why the IE Business School Professor, Ignacio de la Torre, analyses Spain's positive economy regards exports and tourism.

According to him, Spanish export  growth is well above the one of U.S. or China.

Description and preliminary requirements:

What is matrimony?

It is the union between two people in accordance with the terms of the law. This union creates a lifetime bond between the married couple, from which legal consequences are entailed both personally and economically.The two partners in marriage have the same rights and duties: to mutually respect and help each other and to act in the interest of the family unit.

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