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In this section, we have compiled a list of useful articles regarding moving to Barcelona. These are some of the questions we frequently get asked by our clients relocating or buying a property in Barcelona, and we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. Feel free to link to these pages, share and like them on facebook if you find them useful.


Here you will find useful tips and information about education in Spain. You will find information from the time span from primary school until university and how to enroll you children to these schools.

In case you want to buy a property in Barcelona and emigrate with your family to Spain, it is useful to know how the education system works. Possibly you have one or more children that will deal with this for a short or long period. Education is mandatory in Spain for children at the age of 6 until 16.


Whether you´re living in Barcelona for a short time (a couple of months to study or for  doing an internship) or for a longer time (to buy a property in Barcelona) it might occur your passport gets lost, it gets stolen or you need to renew it. In these situations you´ll need to go the consulate (which is comparable to an embassy) of your country of origin. At the consulate you can renew your passport when it´s expired. If you´re about to travel out of the country and really need a passport (don´t have the time to apply for a replacement passport) you can acquire an ´emergency passport´ or ´Laissez Passer´. If your passport gets stolen it is advised to make a complaint at the police station. If done so you can (in most cases) recover the costs of the emergency passport from your insurance company, though keep in mind a proof of complaint is required in most cases.

If you want to buy an apartment in Barcelona and intend to move over from your country of origin to Barcelona, good knowledge of the Spanish healtcare system is requiered. If we talk about the healthcare in Barcelona or Spain we can make a difference between the public and private healthcare. Every inhabitant of Spain that pays premium to the social security system in Spain (Seguridad Social) has the right on public care. With public care in Spain you can go to every public hospital, doctor or specialist .

 Because the quality of the public care is sometimes seen as bad: impersonal care, long waiting periods, hard to get referrals and so on, many foreigners close a private healthcare insurance.

 It is important to know that a private healthcare insurance isn’t a replacement of the public healtcare through Seguridad Social.

 Below is shown in which situations you have right to access public healthcare.

In this article is described how you could get a mobile phone or a phone with a fixed line in Barcelona. You´ll also find a list with telephone providers as well as a couple of useful tips.


It doesn´t matter if you´re staying in Barcelona for a short time (study/internship/work) or for a longer while (buying a property in Barcelona), in most cases it is more than useful to have a Spanish (mobile) phone within a hand´s reach. With a Spanish telephone making calls is far more cheaper than calling with your mobile phone brought from your country of origin. Besides this most companies and or governmental institutions ask for a (Spanish) telephone number. If you´re giving your foreign number to them to call you, you will also pay for it. Depending on how long you´re planning to stay in Spain you need to find out for yourself what is best: a mobile phone or a fixed line.

In this article you´ll find information on getting connected to the internet in Spain. Besides this a list of Internet providers will be given as well as some useful tips


If you´re emigrating to Spain and going to rent or buy an apartment in Barcelona, you probably would stay in touch with friends and family in your country of origin. Depending on how frequent you´ll use Internet you could (if you rent in consult with the landlord) close a contract with an internet provider. If you aren´t a frequent Internet user it might be better to just head for an Internet café. Prices for using the Internet vary between 0.50 Euro to 1.50 Euro per hour. By counting the amount of hours you´re going to use the Internet you could easily calculate what will be best. Most of the time you could also choose from deals with Internet, telephone and television combined together. With these deals you have unlimited access the Internet and are able to make free calls to landlines in Spain. There are also mobile phone companies who offer internet for you mobile phone (for a fixed fee per month).

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