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When traveling, there are so many things to consider. Starting from booking accommodation to packing your suitcase. As much as travel is fun and exciting way to spend time, it does come with a dose of stress, due to a number of things involved in preparation for the trip. This is all necessary to organize a trip where you will spend amazing moments and create memories that will last entire life.

If you want your travel to be a true success, you need to make sure you are truly prepared for all the challenges you are going to face. One of those challenges you will come across soon after you are engaged in the process is finding a place to stay.



Monthly rentals as a form of accommodation

This type of accommodation has recently emerged as a very popular form of holiday accommodation. Even though renting has always been a part of tourism industry, rentals have never been widely popular. In the past, hotels were dominant as a widespread form of accommodation. However, the massive expansion of the real estate market and availability of online resources, made monthly rentals increasingly popular.


Unlike before, where we had little success in finding monthly rentals when traveling, and travelers usually relied on recommendations from friends and family, the situation is now much easier. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection. Use internet to browse monthly rentals in the city you plan on visiting. This gives you a clear picture of what you can expect from this type of accommodation. Everything is at your reach, you only need to decide which rental to choose, and you are all set.

You should have in mind that the offer of monthly rentals as a form of holiday accommodation differs from city to city. As a general rule, the most popular cities with a significant number of visitors during the year will have larger selection of monthly rentals. Less popular tourist destinations will have fewer monthly rentals to offer, but this in no way affects the quality of accommodation.

These are the most essential things to know about monthly rentals, but if you plan on looking for holiday monthly rentals next time you travel, here are other things you need to know.


Rental period and what it affects

Rental period is the time during which the rental will be available to you. This period usually depends on your travel dates, meaning you will be renting the property for the dates you will be needing it, regardless if that is one, two, or ten days.

When it comes to monthly rentals, the period for which you will be renting the property is one month. The main benefit of this type of rental is that you pay a fixed price per month. Otherwise, you pay the price per one night. Monthly price is usually better than the accumulated price per night for the same length of stay. Unlike regular rentals, monthly rentals frequently have better rates on a night basis, which means that for a longer stay, this type of accommodation is a preferred one.


Other costs involved

When you decide to go for a monthly rental, you have to be aware of all the costs. The most obvious one is certainly the price of the monthly rental. However, this price is not the only cost associated with monthly rentals. You have to be aware of all the additional costs that may be included.

First we have the costs associated with food. Unlike with hotel accommodation, where you can get a package that includes meals, with monthly rentals you only pay for the actual accommodation, and other costs related to food will be an additional expense. Regardless if you are planning on eating out in local restaurants, or you will be preparing food on your own, this will require a certain budget, and you have to be prepared for that.

Secondly, each apartment comes with all sorts of bills, for electricity, heating, etc. When choosing monthly rentals, check if these costs are included in the price of the rental, or if you will be required to cover the bills for that month. Since obviously, this may affect your budget when traveling, make sure you are familiar with any additional costs that may be involved when renting a property.


Have in mind the house rules

When renting a property, you need to get acquainted with the house rules. What does this mean? Well, to rent a property means you will be living in an apartment in a building. In this case, you need to know the house rules for that apartment complex. Common example of a house rule is that no loud music is allowed, especially in a certain period of the day. Some locations have a house rule that does not allow pets, which means that if you are traveling with a pet, you will not be able to stay in such apartment. In this case, you will have to find a rental that does allow pets.

This can be applied to a number of things related to temporary living. You, as a traveler, need to be aware that house rules do exist, and you should ask to learn more about them. You are not expected to know them, but you might find yourself in a situation where you might need to be aware of the house rules and what they applied to.


Take a look at the photos

The internet has enabled us to experience places without the need to leave our home. This has so many benefits, and traveling is no exception. When you plan on staying in a holiday monthly rental, you have the possibility to find accommodation from home. You can spend hours if you want, browsing, looking through different websites offering such rentals, and you can take us much time you need to make a decision. This is especially suitable for people who are indecisive. You can take it slow, do a thorough research in order to be sure that you really made an informed decision and chose the accommodation you will be satisfied with.

One of the main things you should look for are the photos. Despite the detailed description and details about the rental, it sometimes might be difficult to imagine how everything looks like. This is why you need photos. This way you can see exactly how a particular property looks like. Eventually, this can help with making a decision.


Check out online reviews to see what others have to say

The situation with online reviews is the same as with photos. Thanks to the power of the internet, people can exchange experiences about many different things. When it comes to travel, the importance of online reviews in this industry is tremendous. These reviews have such a powerful impact on the tourism industry, that everyone is trying so hard to impress travelers and provide best service on the market. Because they all have in mind one thing - travelers will share their experience. You should also have this in mind, and take advantage of online reviews.

One thing is for sure, online reviews can be very helpful when choosing holiday monthly rentals. Besides the official description provided by the rental owner, reviews usually provide additional details, regardless if those are positive or negative. The fact is that these are based on user experience, and as such have great value for other travelers.


Choosing holiday monthly rentals over hotels

You need to know that many travelers experience this dilemma. Whether to choose a hotel or to explore rental opportunities. This is especially true for travelers who have never experienced a stay in a holiday monthly rental. Here we have a choice between a traditional form of stay, a hotel, and on the other side we have a form of stay that is evolving and growing in popularity. Of course, the choice will depend on your own preferences, but when it comes to monthly stay, choosing rentals is usually wiser than choosing hotels.

Not only do they offer lower rates, rentals are much more comfortable solution than a hotel for a monthly stay. The size of a hotel room may vary, but in general this a bit limited living space. Usually, there is not much free space, and the basics include a bed or beds, a TV, a table or a desk and small wardrobe. On the other hand, we have rentals, which are basically holiday apartments. This means you can have much more space. It is frequently the case that you will find apartments with two or more rooms, meaning that your lifestyle does not have to change much from what you are used to at home. When it comes to a longer stay, such as one month, rentals do have more advantages and the main reason is comfort. This is what you need to have in mind when exploring your options and booking accommodation for your next travel.


Location can be a deciding factor

Being well informed is very important for making a wise decision, and choosing a rental that you will love. Besides costs and comfort, we also have to highlight the fact that location can be a factor you need to consider when choosing a monthly rental. Even though you are browsing from home and exploring your options, you should not get carried away, and neglect location of the rental. As much as you like a particular rental and the price fits your budget, consider the location as another factor that will influence your decision. Some neighborhoods are just too busy, some are near the beach, some are near the main road, etc. All of these are things to know before you make a decision considering a holiday monthly rental.

In the end, we will conclude that for renting accommodation during the holiday, you need to consider all sorts of different things. Although they might seem overwhelming at first, as you are faced with lots of information at that moment, eventually it will be worth it. One-month stay is not short for you to live an accommodation you do not like. Have this mind and make sure you choose wisely.

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