HomesearchBarcelona | Let nature enter into your apartmentIf you don't have the chance to have your own terrace or if your balcony is too small to decorate it as well as you would like to do, you have many others solutions to have a part of outside in your apartment.

Have you ever heard about green walls ?

With this alternative you can easily have a green area in your apartment and your interior could become a piece of paradise. The green wall has become the real "must have" of an original and design decoration.

HomesearchBarcelona | Some Reasons To Buy An Apartment In BarcelonaNowadays the real estate market prices are low in Spain. And there is a lot of free properties that are still waiting to be owned. Why not by you?

This is THE moment to buy an apartment in Barcelona, the market has suffered an important crisis so prices are interesting and buying conditions have never been that good. From the economy analysts´ point of views, prices are about to raise again in the next few years so your property will get more value and you will get important paybacks if you sell it after renovating or even more in few years!

HomesearchBarcelona | Find Ideas For Your Perfect TerraceSummer is getting closer and closer and we tend to spend more and more time outside. Among people living in Barcelona it is really popular to have own terrace – own private place outdoor in always crowded city. If you have one – you are really lucky. But you should take into account that badly decorated terrace is not a place that will pull you in like a magnet. To make you terrace the most attractive place in your apartment, check 15 excellent variants that we collected for you. We hope it will give you an inspiration.


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