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Property Purchase

The coordination of the purchase final agreement (Escritura) is crucial when it comes to a foreign buyer, as there special legal documents required by the notary which the seller’s agent is not always aware of. Mistakes in the coordination of the final agreement could mean traveling back and forth to Spain, spending unnecessary time and money...

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Monthly Rentals

Homesearch Barcelona offers a variety of furnished and equipped apartments, for rent for short and mid term rentals. All our furnished apartments are brand new or recently renovated. The apartments are all centrally located and maintained at the a high quality standard...

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Property renovation

We offer a cost effective service for those who wish to invest in a property that needs renovations. We employ and collaborate with a team of architects, builders, designers and other professionals in order to provide an integral solution for those who wish to renovate their property in Barcelona...

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Property Management

We provide a professional, reliable and cost effective management service that allows our clients to invest in any kind of property without worries as for its management. As a local Spanish real estate firm and as a management company, we can easily resolve any incident that needs immediate attention, in a cost effective way, providing maximum guarantee...

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Client Testimonials

"For me Homesearch Barcelona provided the only feasible solution for a property purchase in Spain while living on the west Coast of America. They have provided local property expertise in terms of property location, appropriateness of pricing and potential legal pitfalls when contemplating a purchase in Barcelona. Homesearch Barcelona provided a knowledgeable....."

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A selection of interesting apartments available for rent (middle term rentals) and for sale in Barcelona. These are our recommended properties and they will give you an idea about current market values in different locations. Review our listing and contact us if you are interested in more information

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Consulenza finanziaria

ore per finanziare il vostro investimento immobiliare con le banche spagnole, provate il nostro calcolatore di mutui....

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Servizio ristrutturazione

Possiamo occuparci di tutta la fase di ristrutturazione e manutenzione del vostro immobile. Guarda alcuni nostri precedenti lavori....

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Buy to Let Appartamenti

Approfitta dei nostri servizi di gestione dell' immobile per affittare il vostro investimento come appartamento per le vacanze....

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for sale
Costa Brava,
Area: 820 m²
Bathrooms: 3
Bedrooms: 0
Garage: NO
Fantastic new construction at the original location of an old farmhouse and water mill, with beautiful panoramic views of the "Illes Medes" and Montgri Castle. Has 820 m2 divided between the main...
1 480 000 €
for rent
Area: 85 m²
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 3
Garage: NO
Set among the city's Gothic quarter, this 3 bedroom apartment can accommodate up to 6 people and is a great option for a group of friends or a family. The Gothic quarter of Barcelona is as beautiful...
1 500 €
for rent
Area: 70 m²
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Garage: NO
This brand new 2 bedroom flat located in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona is a great place to stay during your travels in Barcelona. Built in 2008, the building is 5 stories high and has an...
1 200 €

Vantaggi chiave

  • Il metodo unico Homesearch ti fa risparmiare tempo e stress.
  • A Barcellona gli agenti immobiliari locali lavorano per i venditori, noi lavoriamo per Voi!
  • Acquistare proprietà immobiliari a Barcellona senza i consigli giusti è rischioso, noi eliminiamo questi rischi!
  • Enorme risparmio di denaro: ci assicuriamo che paghi il giusto prezzo!
  • Servizio completo e il più alto standard possibile.

Independent and Professional Assessment

Being an independent real estate firm is a key factor in our service. Local real estate agents are normally committed to the seller, as their fee is covered only by him. We provide our clients with the protection they need by taking the role of “agent for the buyer” and therefore making sure that the interests of the buyer are covered. Our independence is your benefit, mainly in 3 areas:

The property selection: While the typical real estate agent will try to offer you whatever he has in his portfolio, we make sure that you are offered only the properties that comply with our minimum quality standard and that fit you requirements, so you are not wasting time nor tempted to acquire a “cheaper” asset in the wrong street, or more expensive one without any real justification...

The legal aspects: When we insist that we are providing a complete legal coverage for each purchase, from A to Z, we don’t refer only to our lawyer work. Remember that in Spain most of the legal work related with residential properties is made by the real estate agent and not a lawyer/solicitor. It means that having a regular local lawyer beside you is not always a sufficient guarantee against “surprises” or “inevitable complications” and many foreign buyers find themselves in trials for years after the purchase, paying significant amounts to their lawyer, while what they really needed in the first place, before property in Barcelona was an independent real estate expert with legal knowledge.

It is easy to understand this point using the “Arras” example. Signing pre-purchase agreement (“Arras” agreement) in Spain can be a really risky business. The famous “Arras” agreement has a penalizing article that obliges both buyer and seller to complete the purchase in its due time. You will be required by the agency to sign the document within few days after the viewing, in order to “secure” the property.

You will be asked to pay, as part of the “Arras” a deposit of about 10% over the price of the asset. If at any stage you want to pull out you will lose the deposit amount! It means that as from the moment you have signed the “Arras” agreement you can not pull out, but at same time when you sign the agreement you know very little about the property, so you are practically in the hands of the “impartial” real estate agent. The risk related with signing the “Arras” is just one simple example of why you should have the aid of someone who combines local real estate expertise with legal knowledge.We make sure that any document you sign protect your interests and give you the possibility to pull out, and at the same time we investigate to find any possible irregularities with the property.

This combination of expertise is the key to our success!


  • "We found the apartment of our dreams in Barcelona with the able help of Homesearch, and I do not think we could have succeeded without them. From the property search to arranging financing & legalities they offered a reliable, friendly service. In addition to this they found, coordinated and oversaw..."

    J. Kenedy

  • "I hired the services of Homesearch Barcelona for finding a good real estate deal in the area of Barcelona, with focus on the old city. Marisa made a very profound search including viewing dozens of properties and eventually I was offered 12 great deals to choose from, and finally have purchased a th..."


  • "Finding and then buying a property in a foreign country is quite daunting.After a year of research we finally stumbled on Homesearch Barcelona. They are 100% there for us, from start to finish. They were very efficient initially finding our ideal property, then taking care of all the purchase arrang..."

    P. Ho Fat (London/UK)

  • "I'd just like to thank you for your recent services to us, without your help I think we would have found it very hard to find a suitable apartment, as the other method we tried of using agents found us looking at many unsuitable apartments resulting in lots of wasted time.Also the help we received w..."

    Mr. R. Neilson (UK)

Accesso ad un elevato numero di proprietà

Il mercato delle agenzie immobiliari è molto frammentato a Barcellona e nella Catalogna, con molte piccole agenzie che hanno un piccolo numero di immobili in vendita.Il processo di ricerca e revisione di beni diversi all'interno dello stesso range di prezzo è un processo lungo, richiede tempo, e alla fine la maggior parte degli investitori può scegliere tra una offerta molto limitata.

Quando siamo impegnati in una ricerca passiamo in rassegna decine di immobili possibili, così come il maggior numero di agenzie , nonché accedendo ad altre fonti (come ad esempio i fornitori privati), siamo quindi in grado di fornire un diritto di proprietà per ogni singolo cliente.

Dopo aver lavorato nel settore per anni, siamo noti a molte delle agenzie immobiliari locali e in molti casi otteniamo facilmente l'accesso alle informazioni sulle migliori risorse disponibili.

Grande risparmio

In molti casi il nostro team è stato in grado di fare risparmiare un sacco di soldi ai nostri clienti. Alcune proprietà sono state pubblicizzate in più di un' agenzia e nella maggior parte dei casi con una differenza di prezzo significativa, anche del 10 o 15 per cento! Durante la ricerca cerchiamo in tutte le pubblicazioni riuscendo a contattare il venditore più conveniente.

La negoziazione del prezzo è una pratica comune in Spagna ma ha delle regole proprie. Utilizzando la nostra conoscenza in questo campo, in molti casi siamo stati in grado di ridurre notevolmente il prezzo finale.

Ma notare bene: utilizzare utenti locali è molto importante: è la chiave per evitare errori superflui e massimizzare il vostri profitto.

Alti ritorni per il vostro investimento

Faremo in modo che acquisterete un bene con un ottimo potenziale per generare rendimenti elevati. Lo facciamo tramite:

  • Focalizzandoci in quartieri in continua rigenerazione e crescita
  • Cercando in aree soggette ad importanti investimenti pubblici e privati nelle infrastrutture e nelle strutture pubbliche
  • Selezionando proprietà solo in zone ad elevata domanda e con crescente popolarità
  • Fornire dei giusti prezzi per la il servizio di gestione delle proprietà
  • Offrendo idee creative per aumentare redditi da locazione.

Turn-Key Service, tutto è curato da noi

Prima, durante e dopo aver acquistato un immobile all'estero avrete urgentemente bisogno di qualcuno che sul posto si possa occupare di tutte le piccole incombenze che possono essere indirettamente legate con la relazione di sottoscrizione. Anche dopo aver firmato il contratto finale si avrà bisogno di una persona di fiducia per tradurre le lettere che riceverete per posta, che comunichi con Gestore Il locale della Banca, con i Vicini riguardo a curiosità, con enti locali ecc per evitarvi inutili viaggi avanti e indietro per la Spagna, risolvendo I piccoli problemi.

Offriamo un'assistenza completa ai nostri clienti per ogni problema Che potrebbe nascere durante Il processo di sottoscrizione o subito dopo. La Maggior Parte di questi Servizi sono Inclusi nel nostro Servizio standard*.

*Questioni che richiedono l'intervento di professionisti specializzati (come i tecnici, costruttori, designer, avvocati e consulenti fiscali, ecc) non sono coperti da Homesearch Barcellona ®.

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