This article provides some of the basic tricks as to how you can use mirrors in your home to make it feel that theare is more room.

In the world mirrors one of important interior design, which used to create an expression of more space and which decorate the house with making the house beauty and bigger.It is a sense of great space by reflecting light.

There are one who use mirror to reflect light. Dark rooms often give a sense of less space and crowding in. Place a mirror on the wall that is opposite to the window.

This will reflect incoming light and help to brighten the room.Use a large, full-length mirror in entrance ways. Instantly this gives a person entering a sense of increased space. This works most effectively when the mirror is placed on a wall or walls that the eye looks at first.


Place mirrors on each side of the window reveal. This is the space between the inside wall and the window itself.  The pieces of mirror placed this way should be professionally cut to fit.

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