Make your apartment environmentally friendlyDid you know that interior design can also be sustainable? Nowadays sustainability is a mainstream that followed by millions people in the whole world. To make your apartment in Barcelona environmentally friendly, follow the steps that are described below.

Rule #1 Use a space rationally. That will help to minimize the use of construction materials.

Rule #2 Use environmentally responsible constructions and materials. Choose materials that maximize the energy efficiency. For instance, use water-saving toilets and wood flooring that can be easily renewed.

Rule #3 Using local sources you help to reduce carbon emission caused by long-distance transportation and support local economy. So give preference to furniture, textiles, pieces of art and other materials that were produced in your local environment.

Rule #4 While decorating a flat, do not hesitate to give a new life to things that might look old. Vintage and retro is still trendy!

Rule #5 Build energy-sufficient lighting strategy. Put an emphasis on using skylight and incorporate windows as it leads to minimizing the use of artificial light. Of course, it is impossible to reduce the use of artificial light to zero, therefore you should consider LED and fluorescent bulbs as the best options – they are efficient in saving energy and quite long-lasting.

Rule #6 Choose non-toxic products. Nowadays the variety of ecologically clean materials is constantly increasing. You can find everything from hypoallergenic paints to wood materials that have not been treated with pesticides.

Here is the example of environmentally friendly interior that was created in Maroubra by Tim Leveson.



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