Recent years and even decades have brought us so many different and more comfortable ways to travel and live abroad. No longer is this topic something we dread, but it has become our reality, with more and more people traveling great distances to go to work or even moving to live in a different country. Besides work, this progress made traveling for pleasure easier than ever. There are so many opportunities for both short-term and long-term stay, that all you need to do is choose. Choose from the great variety of accommodation types and deals that are available to you.

When it comes to Barcelona, you will soon realize that the number of opportunities is huge and there are plenty of accommodation varieties. The city is a major tourist destination of the region, and it has developed in such a way. The infrastructure of the city is equipped to accommodate thousands of guests this city welcomes each year. This is why you will find lots of living opportunities in Barcelona. However, one option does seem quite alluring, and that is renting apartment in Barcelona by month.

You must be wondering why this option is something you should consider. Is there a reason why this particular type of stay is recommended? Well, there are quite a few reasons why people choose this type of accommodation in particular. If you are planning a stay in Barcelona, here are some reasons why you should consider this option.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: Work and travel

People travel for different reasons. There is a lot of those who travel to Barcelona for work. This engagement usually lasts from a couple of days to even two or three weeks. Sometimes this work can involve attending important meetings, annual conferences, seminars or trainings of the employees. It can be a special workshop about new projects and strategy improvements, that a business professional can apply to his or her career.

Regardless the reason, a work-related visit is sure going to keep one busy. There is no time for walking around the city, because the work is the primary motive for the visit, and thus all of the time should be devoted to this task. This obviously means that there will be no time for sightseeing, which would be such a shame.

Barcelona is such a cultural and historical phenomenon that it is constantly marked by one of the best places to visit in Europe. Therefore, even if your visit is work-related, you should still do your best to try and find the time for sightseeing and exploring the wonders of Barcelona. To make this happen, you should rent apartment Barcelona by month.


The city view from the Park Guell in Barcelona


Since your commitments related to work will probably last less than a month, this will leave you enough time to go sightseeing and explore the city like a tourist. You will get to see all those places people rave about, but you will also have the time to go to the beach. Just imagine that! You came to the city to work, but you will be back home stress-free, like you have just been on vacation. Only a couple of days in the sun on the beach, or a couple of days of walking around the city as wonderful and breath-taking as this one, will do so much good for you. This way, you get to combine work and travel, to get the most out of your Barcelona visit.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: The costs

Renting an apartment by month means a lower expense for you. You must be wondering how this works. Well, the situation is quite simple. When you rent accommodation for a couple of nights, you pay per night. A stay shorter than three nights is the most expensive one in terms of the price paid per night. Then we have a stay that is longer than three nights. In this case, a lot of accommodation providers offers a discount. What it means is that the price per night is lower, if you stay more than three days.

When it comes renting by month, the price is charged per month, not by night. This means, that there is a cumulative price shown as the price of a one-month long stay. Even though a cumulative price will look more expensive, because it is cumulative and it includes a longer stay, it is usually more affordable. When you divide the price by the number of nights, you will get the price per night. Since the number of nights is 30, or 28, 29 and 31, depending on the month, you should divide the price by this number. Once you do that, you will see that the price of the stay is usually lower than the price you will end up paying when you choose a stay that is paid per night.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: No commitment

Another reason why renting apartment Barcelona by month might just be a perfect option for you is the fact that you only commit to a one-month stay. When your stay in Barcelona is a long-term one, you need a place where you will spend that time, and renting an apartment is a sensible thing to do. In such situations, you are unlikely to think about any other type of accommodation, such as a hotel or a hostel. However, you might not want to make a commitment in advance. This is especially the case with first-time visitors and people who find accommodation online.

This is because you can never be sure how the things will turn out. You might end up not liking the apartment. You might find it too small or too big for you because you were not able to estimate the space of the interior through the images provided in the listing online. The location might be inconvenient for your or you might find it difficult to find a parking space near the apartment. There are many more reasons why you might end up changing your mind, and that is perfectly normal. It happens. Luckily, when you rent by month, you do not make any commitment in advance. You do not pay upfront, nor do you make a commitment to a longer stay. This means that you can easily move once the one-month lease is over. There is a great deal of those who are perfectly happy with the accommodation they have chosen and even if they start renting by month, they stay a couple of months in the same apartment, but it is always good to have that chance of cutting your stay short if necessary for any reason.

This option is also recommended for those who opt for an indefinite stay. When you have no long-term plans, and you want to be spontaneous and stay in Barcelona for an indefinite period of time, until the next travel adventure take you somewhere else, you might want to choose renting by month, as a perfect option.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: The price may fluctuate

Barcelona is a popular destination all year long. However, there are simply periods when the prices may fluctuate. Some accommodation providers keep their prices the same all year, but some choose to go for different prices for different periods of the year. The prices usually go up during the periods which are very popular, and there is a lot of interest in finding and renting apartment in Barcelona. These periods are usually during the summer months, as well as around holidays such as Christmas and Easter. A lot more people travel during those holidays, which usually affects the demand and the prices tend to go up. When the season is low, which is usually during the colder months such as November and January or February, the prices may go down because the demand is low at that period.

However, the prices usually fluctuate in hotels, while apartment monthly rent tends to stay the same, tough, there are exceptions. When you rent apartment Barcelona by month, you should know about all the possibilities that are available to you.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: Temporary stay

There are numerous situations when you need a place for a temporary stay. Mostly we think about those coming from other cities and from abroad. Their reason is usually related to travel, work or education.

However, this is not always the case. There are plenty of locals who need a temporary stay. For example, you might be waiting for the apartment you will be living in the future to be emptied, because someone is still living there. You might have your apartment renovated and you need to get away from all the noise and dirt the renovation involves.

The reasons may differ, but the thing with this temporary stay is that sometimes you cannot exactly predict how long you will be needing the temporary accommodation. Maybe two or three weeks. Perhaps it might take longer, two or three months. When you find yourself in a situation like this, renting apartment Barcelona by month is a perfect option. This allows you to find an apartment to live in, but without any long-term commitments.


Rent Apartment Barcelona by Month: Less security

When you rent on month to month basis, there is less security than a long-term lease, simply because that particular rental property might no longer be available the next month, due to the other residents being interested. The terms and conditions are always discussed with the landlord or with the rental agency that is handling the process. In both cases, you should know both your rights and your obligations in order to make sure that your stay in the rental Barcelona be a really enjoyable experience.

Even if you choose renting by month as a preferable option, you could still discuss the length of your stay and indicate if you are interested in prolonging your stay. This way the agency or the landlord would know that you are interested in staying longer. Although this does not offer the same level of security as the long-term contract, it is a perfect option if you prefer a flexible solution to your living arrangement, without making any important decision in that specific moment.

As you can see, renting apartment Barcelona by month has both positive and negative aspects, but it is safe to say that it is a flexible solution for all those who need one at that moment. When you rent such an apartment, always make sure you discuss everything with the rental agency that will be assisting with the renting process to make sure everything goes perfectly.

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