Independent and Professional Assessment

“Independency” is a key factor in our service. Local Barcelona real estate agents are normally committed to the seller, as their fee is covered him. We provide our clients with the protection they need by taking the role of “agent for the buyer” and thus making sure that the interests of the buyer are all covered. Our total and complete independency is your benefit, mainly in 3 areas:

  1. The property selection

    While the typical real estate agent will try to offer you all kind of the properties in his portfolio, we make sure that you are offered only the properties that complying with our quality standard, so you are not tempted to buy a apartment Barcelona in the wrong street, or over priced property without any real justification. Our deep knowledge and vast experience in Barcelona property market will be practically yours!

  2. The legal aspects

    When we insist that we are providing a complete legal coverage for each purchase, from A to Z, we don’t refer only to our lawyer work. Remember that in Spain most of the legal work related with buying residential properties is made by the real estate agent and not by a lawyer/solicitor. It means that having a regular local lawyer beside you is not always sufficient guarantee against “surprises” or “inevitable complications” and many foreign buyers find themselves in trials during years after the purchase, paying significant amounts to their lawyer, while what they really needed in the first place was an independent real estate expert with legal knowledge.

    It is easy to understand this point using the “Arras” agreement example. Signing pre-purchase agreement (called in Spanish “Arras” agreement) in Spain can be really risky business. The famous “Arras” agreement has penalizing article that obliges both buyer and seller to complete the deal in its due time. You will be required by the estate agency to sign the document within few days since you visited it, in order to “secure” your property. You will be asked to pay, as part of the “Arras”, a deposit of about 10% over the price of the asset. If at any stage you want to pull back, you will loose the deposit amount! It means that as from the moment you have signed the “Arras” agreement you can not pull back, but at same time when you sign the agreement you know very little about the intended property, so you are practically in the hands of the seller's real estate agent. The risk related with signing the “Arras” agreement is just one simple example of why you need a combination of local real estate expert as well as specialised real estate legal advisor.

    We make sure that any document you sign protect your interests and give you the possibility to pull back, and at the same time we investigate to find any possible irregularities with the property you intend to buy. This combination of expertise is the key to our success and to our client satisfaction.

  3. Financial design and mortgages

    Financial advices as well as mortgage finance are critical elements in any successful investment realized abroad. From our experience we know that the financial aspects of real estate investments can be very different from one country to another. Planning carefully the finance of your purchase can save you money and protect you from spending more money than what you have planned. Many buyers in Spain have lost significant amounts of money only because they discover that they have miss calculated their cash needs or have been denied a mortgage which they depended on for buying their home in Bacrelona.

Homesearch Barcelona® has a long term relation with one of the Catalonia leading banks, financing many of our clients operations. This collaboration allows us to offer the most competitive finance terms in the market, as well as advising you with precision as for your cash needs, your required payback amounts in comparison with your expected rental income.

Access to Maximum number of Properties

The real estate agencies market is a very fragmented in Barcelona and Catalonia, with many small agencies that has a small number of properties for sale. That converts the process of searching and reviewing different assets within the same price range in to a long and time consuming process, in a way that finally most investors have to choose from a very limited offer. When we are entrust with a search for a client we review dozens of possible assets from as many agencies as possible as well as other sources (such a s private vendors), and therefore we are able to come up with the right property for each and every client. After being working in the sector for years now, we are well known to many of the local real estate agencies and in many cases we get preference in access to information about the best assets available.

Big money saving

In many cases our team was able to generate big money saving to our clients. Some properties are announced in more then one agency and in most cases with significant price difference, which might reach 10 or even 15 percent! Because we go over all publications during the search we are able to find these cases and contact the cheapest seller.

Price negotiation is a common praxis in Spain but it has its own rules. Using our know- how in this field, in some cases we have been able to reduce final price considerably.

But most important: using a local expert for your foreign investment is the key for avoiding unnecessary errors and thus maximizing your profits.

Higher Return over your Investment.

We will make sure that you purchase an asset with good potential to generate high return. We do that by:

  • focusing in neighborhoods experiencing regeneration and coming up areas
  • looking in areas of important public and private investment in infrastructure and public facilities
  • selecting properties only in areas of high demand and growing popularity
  • providing cost effective management services for renting out your apartment
  • offering creative ideas for increasing rental income.

Many of our clients are enjoying during in the last years an average anual return rate of more then10 % over their investment (of which 6% are due to rental income and the rest due to increase in property value).

Turn-Key Service, all is taken care of by us.

Before, during and after you have purchased your apartment in Barcelona you will urgently need someone local who can take care of all the small arrangements and matters related with your home. After the title deeds are signed and the deal is complete you will also need someone you can trust to translate letters you receive by mail, to follow up with your local bank manager and to communicate with curios neighbors, local authorities etc. Furthermore, non residents buying properties in Spain are now obliged to provide to the notary, when they buy their home, full details of a local person to represent them in case they are required and can not be reached. As Homesearch Client, we will be providing you this service for free.To prevent unnecessary travel back and forth to Spain for resolving minor issues we are offering a complete representation and assistance to our clients, in any issue that may come up during the process of the purchase and afterwards. Most of these services are included in our standard service and are not charged by us*.

*Matters that require the intervention of specialized professionals (such as technicians, builders, designers, lawyers and tax advisors etc.) are not covered by Homesearch Barcelona®.

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