Legal AdviceOne of the most important success factors in making a smart and safe real estate investment in Barcelona or any other foreign city is having an accurate and complete legal background. Every country, and even every city, has its own legal particularities that may influence significantly your preferences or your decisions. This is even more evident in a country like Spain, which is going through a profound urban transformation process, in which municipal and governmental regulations are constantly changing. Our long time experience in Barcelona real estata market (and especially in the old city of Barcelona), shows us that the city hall is very active and buyers should be very aware, before they buy a apartment in Barcelona, of the different legal changes that may take place in a specific location.

Relying on regular lawyer is not always a good option as real estate transactions are not part of their everyday work. In Spain, normally it is the realtor or the seller's real estate agent who prepares all the necessary legal documents, even though in many cases they are not qualified for that.

Homesearch Barcelona® employs an external legal expert, who is specialized, among other areas, in real estate operations. This legal adviser provides our clients with a complete legal coverage for the purchase operation. Among the main subjects covered by the legal service it is worth mentioning the followings:

  • Making sure your intended property is not subjected to city hall new rezoning program or other urbanistical affectation.
  • Authenticity check for all documentation related with the specific property
  • Inquiry regarding the legal status of the intended property, certificate of debts, possible embargo or any other fiscal affectations.
  • Preparation and approval of all the texts related to the different agreements to be signed (including the final title deeds).
  • Basic advice regarding tax planning, property registration options, aspects related with inheritance etc.
  • Official certification of all the inquiries made over the property with its results.

When the purchase operation is concluded our lawyers issue an official document certifying the correctness of the operations and the results of all the inquiries mentioned above. This certification is unique to our company and is a demonstration of our commitment to provide our clients with the best possible service and total quality in every aspect.


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