Everyone loves Christmas time and the atmosphere it brings is wonderful isn't it? One of the great thing that we like to have is Christmas wreaths on our doors or even inside of our homes. So now it is time to gather some tips with photos of how to make these wreaths easily at home. Let's start!


1.This wreath looks perfect with these colorful crayons, isn't it? The only thing that you can do is to buy a plastic or wooden circle and then glue them onto it.



2.This one is covered with colorful ribbons! After rolling all the ribbons around the circle, with some felt fabric you can easily make those flower by twirling the fabric around.



3.Although this one is in only creamish colors, you can always choose the colors you like to make it nicer! All you should do is to buy some wool, putting them in like in the shape of a ribbon and then cutting the edges. After that you have to fix the ball and attach all the balls on the circle.



4.The sign of the peace on your door, imagine! Buy or make your own circle in the shape of peace, heart or whatever you can find, then decorate them with green leaves you can find outside. Finally put Christmas lights on it. Couldn't be better, no?



5.Though it gives the Christmas spirit easily and looks so nice, it is so easy to do this. Just get a circle and put Christmas tree decoration balls on it! That's it!



Let's have DIY wreaths! It is cheaper and prettier!

Merry Christmas!

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