How is life for a dog in Barcelona?

Moving to another city is not always an easy choice, and if you have your dog or any pet it can be more difficult.

But Barcelona is a city dog-friendly for many reasons.

First, there are two big parks in the city in which you can enjoy your time freely with your dog: Parc de la Ciutadella and Parc de l'Espanya Industrial; moreover in every quarter there is a green space, and in most of it there is a reserved area for dogs and pets.

Also, why don’t carrying your dog to the seaside? You can take a walk and enjoy the great seaside of Barceloneta.

Then, Barcelona has a lot of shops to take care of your beloved animal, for exemple : Shop Amadeu Vidal, Shop Mister Guau Center and Shop Oryx in which you can find everything, from food to clothes ,from medicaments to toys.

Of course it can be some difficulties if your dog is little and not used to live in the city, because Barcelona is a big and crowded city with a lot of traffic and noise, but if it manage to get used to, your life here would be perfect.

Also, you can move around the city easily with your dog in the subway just following some little rules that you can find here.

And, if you are very busy with your life and you need someone that takes care of your dog for a while, check the Barcelona dog sitter web site!

So, don't you worry, bring your dog here and enjoy the city!

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