In this article is described how you could get a mobile phone or a phone with a fixed line in Barcelona. You´ll also find a list with telephone providers as well as a couple of useful tips.


It doesn´t matter if you´re staying in Barcelona for a short time (study/internship/work) or for a longer while (buying a property in Barcelona), in most cases it is more than useful to have a Spanish (mobile) phone within a hand´s reach. With a Spanish telephone making calls is far more cheaper than calling with your mobile phone brought from your country of origin. Besides this most companies and or governmental institutions ask for a (Spanish) telephone number. If you´re giving your foreign number to them to call you, you will also pay for it. Depending on how long you´re planning to stay in Spain you need to find out for yourself what is best: a mobile phone or a fixed line.


Mobile Phone

In Spain there are a couple of mobile phone providers to choose from. The most popular are the ones listed below, which are especially Vodafona, Movistar and Orange.
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Movistar
  • Blau
  • Mas
  • Yoigo
Providers like Vodafone, Movistar and Orange have lots of stores in Barcelona.
A large Movistar store can be found right in front of El Corte des Inglés in Barcelona and other Movistar and Vodafone stores can be found all over the city, especially in Ciutat Vella (the old city). An Orange store is located on Passeig de Gracía. You could also visit a PhoneHouse or go to to compare prices as PhoneHouse sells contracts with different providers. To see which store is most close for you check
  • for Vodafone
  • for Movistar

Fixed line

If you want to have a fixed telephone contract you should head for one of the Telephonica stores in Barcelona or get connected through their website. You can also call 1004 in order to reach them (English spoken).



To get a prepaid (prepago in Spanish) mobile phone

In order to get a prepaid mobile telephone you need a to have a:

  • Passport (or NIE)

To get a mobile phone just head for a shop of one the telephone providers mentioned above in the list and bring your passport (or NIE) along.


To get a mobile phone with a contract

In order to close a mobile phone contract you´re required to have a:

  • Passport (or NIE)
  • Spanish bank account.

If you have the things mentioned above, go to one of the telephone provider shops and bring your passport (or NIE) and a (copy of a) bank statement along.

To get a fixed telephone line

For the fixed line you´ll need to have a:

  • Passport number
  • Spanish bank account details

If you got the things required just go to one of the Telefonica stores, go to their website or call 1004.


Mobile phone

Costs may vary due to different deals made by mobile phone providers, on the website of PhoneHouse you can compare prices ( To give you an idea of the prices: for a Vodafone or Movistar prepaid mobile phone you pay about 20-25 Euro, with 5-15 Euro credit. Keep in mind the telephone costs are in Spain reasonably high in comparison to other European countries.

Fixed line

For national calls made in Spain with a fixed line you pay a starting rate (about 7 cent) and amount per minute. The costs per minute vary due to the length of the call, the destination and the time of day. Most providers have different packages to choose from all with their own rates. If you´re planning to get a fixed line take your time in order to get the package most suitable for you. Also keep in mind making calls with internet (Skype) are free. Calling to mobile phones with landlines is quiet expensive; about 20 cent per minute.

Useful tips

  • Compare the terms of the different providers extensively and choose for the one that is most beneficial for you. It might happen you suddenly find out you need to charge your mobile every month for at least 8 Euro or that sending text messages to foreign countries is ridiculously expensive and the provider can not guarantee that they will arrive.
  • If you don´t know the exact length of your stay in Barcelona it is advised to take a prepaid mobile phone and get a contract later on.
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