Whether you´re living in Barcelona for a short time (a couple of months to study or for  doing an internship) or for a longer time (to buy a property in Barcelona) it might occur your passport gets lost, it gets stolen or you need to renew it. In these situations you´ll need to go the consulate (which is comparable to an embassy) of your country of origin. At the consulate you can renew your passport when it´s expired. If you´re about to travel out of the country and really need a passport (don´t have the time to apply for a replacement passport) you can acquire an ´emergency passport´ or ´Laissez Passer´. If your passport gets stolen it is advised to make a complaint at the police station. If done so you can (in most cases) recover the costs of the emergency passport from your insurance company, though keep in mind a proof of complaint is required in most cases.



In Spain the embassies are located in Madrid. However the consulates are spread over multiple cities in Spain. Some countries have up to six consulates in Spain, each of them in a different city.
In Barcelona most of the consulates are situated nearby Passeig de Gracia.
In order to get the exact address of your preferred consulate in Barcelona you can check this website



The price of an ´emergency passport´ or ´Laissez Passer´ varies according to the country. For instance the Dutch embassy/consulate will charge you about 45 Euro for an emergency passport, the Irish embassy/consulate charges 110 Euro for adults and 55 Euro for children for the emergency passport. Check the website of your embassy for actual costs of (emergency) passports.

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