Apartment in BarcelonaWhen we started Homesearch Barcelona® in the year 2000 we did it with the idea of helping non Spanish buyers, mainly individuals, to successfully invest in a real estate property in Catalonia, avoiding the typical risks and obstacles that characterize such an operation.

We believe that foreigners purchasing properties in Barcelona or renting them, deserve quality services which take into account their special needs in terms of language, knowledge of the market and the local particularities for real estate Barcelona deals. While local and foreign real estate agents selling assets in Catalonia are focused mainly on their interest – signing a fast deal – we focus on the interest of the buyer, our clients, and on his needs.

We believe in evolution. We think that a real estate investment abroad, in an unknown market should be handled with a great deal of care, patience and professionalism. We believe in innovation and renovation. This is why we created a service that is unique and efficient at the same time.

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