In an interview about the economic situation in Spain,the Minister of  Economy Luis de Guindos, said that "the export sector is that which will bring Spain out of the crisis."

The minister of Economy had a meeting with the Governament to discuss about the labour reform and how to lower unit labor costs. He stated that exports in Spain are increasing and this is the key to improve competitiveness.

De Guindos argued that the labor reform has produced 30% of the labor cost adjustments without layoffs have occurred in response to the question of the socialist deputy Valeriano Gómez.

Also, the minister of Economy pointed out that if the labor reform had been applied earlier, would have saved about a million layoffs, according to the Bank of Spain.

De Guindos has highlighted the good performance of exports, "the fastest growing together with the Germans." Some data show that competitiveness is improving, according to the minister.

So, Spain is definitely doing everything to overcome this economic crisis, and thanks to the exports field,the situation is getting better every day.

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