European countries have their own priorities almost about every matter and when it comes to the environment and energy-saving, it is an issue that cannot be missed out. Since 2002, promoting energy efficiency in buildings is a part of European life. This standard was put into practice in Spain in the year 2007 and with the modifications in 2010 has brought new requirements meaning that energy efficiency will also be promoted for the existing buildings and houses.

The new implementation of the rule in Spain enforces that all owners wanting to sell or rent their houses must have provide this 'energy certificate' for buyers or tenants. So the energy efficiency label must be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or rental.

Each house has to have a label showing how efficient the house is in terms of energy consumption. This label has a standard that is shown in the picture above. So according to this scale, the category 'A' is the most efficient one and 'G' is the least.

So what kind of costs this certificate will bring together with it to the owner?

There will be 2 types of costs that will occur:

1. The certificate itself which is around 250 euros for a 100 m2 apartment

2. If the market evaluation of the apartment/the building will be low, then the owner is responsible to improve the conditions for energy effiency of housing.

The good news is for buyer and tenants that they will be well informed about energy efficiency of the house that you are demanding. Therefore it will be easier to choose between the houses and with protecting it will also help us to be a better citizen of the world.

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