Housing prices slow their fallDuring these years the housing prices in Barcelona slow down. Homes have lost more than half its value.The best time to have an apartment in Barcelona!!! Buying an apartment is always investment for the future.

During the second quarter prices have fallen by 10.5% which represents a moderation in the downhill race housing living in Spain since January to March was slightly over 12%, according to the local market index that makes Tins.

The appraiser agrees with other observers: housing prices are at 2003, after falling 37% from the peak values ​​reached in the last quarter of 2007.


Depending on the analysis of local markets the biggest rebates in housing price stands nearly 16% during the year. The analysis observed the local market of Catalunya with more than 15%.

If one looks at the time when prices were higher, housing prices have lost more than a quarter of its value in all regions and the same for Barcelona . Some like Catalonia, nearly half have lost value because they have fallen 48.5%.

In the second quarter the provinces that have higher annual drop are Guadalajara (19%) and Barcelona (17.7%). None exceeded 20% decrease in prices and nowhere was no lift either of these, although we have detected a slight market recovery on the coast.

Property can be less volatile than shares or other investments

You can earn rental income and benefit from capital growth (if your property increases in value over time)

If you take out a loan to purchase an investment property the interest on the loan is tax deductible

You are investing in something you can see and touch!!!

There is not periods of time in Barcelona where you dont have a client to give for rent. Barcelona is the city full of tourist and students, business men and etc. You always will have clients to give for rent and with that you will cover all costs.

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