An outdoor terrace or balcony decorated in the right way can really brighten up a home or outdoor area. This is an especially beneficial decorating endeavor in the summer or warm months when the terrace becomes more than just a pretty place outside the window but a place for recreational activities and relaxation as well.

One way to really make a statement in these areas of your home is to use modern furniture in this area. Whether it is at your home, in your apartment in Barcelona, or outside of your townhouse, the following are some of the ideas to decorate these areas with modern furniture that will leave a lasting and impactful impression that you will be happy to call your own. 

Know The Use

The first thing that you want to assess before choosing modern furniture for your balcony or terrace is what purpose you wish for the furniture to serve. You will want to know if you should choose pieces that are used for eating, like a dining table or dining chair, or if you are looking for comfortable options in sitting furniture. This purpose is important because it will allow you to choose pieces in the genre that you want but still in the functionality that you need. It will also help you to assess the small space that you have and choose the most important pieces to fill them appropriately.

Choose Slim

Modern furniture comes in styles that are bulky but they also come in slimmer styles as well. The slim is what you will want to consider and choose when you are looking to use furniture in a smaller space. Streamlining your furniture options and choosing slimmer pieces will leave you with the functionality that you want and still the style that you desire. For this reason, stay away from the bulkier pieces and look for these slimmer styles.

Double Function

When decorating your patio or outdoor space, look for pieces that you can use that offer you the chance to get more than one use out of the same piece. A bistro table is great but what is even better is an ottoman that doubles as a place to rest your meal as well as serves as additional seating. These modern and diverse pieces which will double or triple in their purposes and save you space while actually increasing the amount of function that you use.

Silhouette Matters

Choosing slim options are wonderful for balconies but they should also have a silhouette that makes an impact as well. Using clean lines and a silhouette that is sleek and stylish can give your outdoor terrace a wonderful look. Choose pieces that offer a more linear approach to design and this will help to keep the space looking clean and tailored, thus helping with the clutter as well.


If you are decorating your outdoor space such as a terrace or patio, choose pieces that reflect the light. Mirrored pieces and accessories will allow the natural sunlight or artificial light from candles and lamps to be reflected. This will allow you to brighten up the area as well as help to make it appear bigger. If mirrors are not your style, consider metallic reflecting surfaces as well. Powder coated metallic are softer but still will reflect the light that you desire and will leave you with the larger appearance that you crave.


Privacy is also important when you are living in close quarters such as an apartment or townhouse. This becomes especially important on a balcony or terrace area where there can be outside eyes easily accessing the view to your terrace or in situations where you share a portion of the balcony barrier with another individual. In order to alleviate the concerns that can come from this problem, consider a natural looking border that can be constructed easily and without much work on your part.

One great way to do this and stay within the modern concept and design that you are utilizing is to put up a screen. The screen will offer you a look that is still modern and stay in the design concept you have chosen but will also provide privacy as well. If this is not what you want and you want a more natural look, try choosing plants instead. A plant barrier can give the look that you want and the design that you seek, making it look beautiful and functioning at the same time.

Author Bio: Peter Smith has written many articles on home décor and designing. He is a regular contributor at many websites and won prize for his article on shabby chic furniture.

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