Buying a property is a huge step in a person’s life, especially when it comes to families who are looking for a permanent housing solution for their loved ones. It is a decision a person or a family rarely has to make, and as such makes is so important how your approach this process of searching for and buying a property.

If you are interested in buying a property in this Spanish city, we have a very useful list of things to do before you buy a property in Barcelona.


Barcelona, as one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Western Europe and an important part of the business world, with an economy that has soared during the last couple of decades, is visited by millions of people each year. Regardless if those are business people looking to attend one of the international business events organized in the city, or if those are travelers eager to explore and see firsthand the places that have such an immense cultural and historic importance. Maybe those are loyal fans who want to accompany their favorite team in a derby hosted in Barcelona, or perhaps those visitors are young students thrilled to be able to join one of the universities and further advance in their studies.

Although many people arrive to Barcelona with different goals and different intentions in mind, they all have one thing in common. They all need accommodation in Barcelona. Everyone visiting the city needs a place to stay.

People move for all sorts of reasons, and when they do, this process usually requires a lot of decision making and choosing when it comes to many different things related to moving. Some of the common dilemmas include where to find an apartment, which type of apartment to choose, whether you should buy or rent, etc. This is also the case with those who move to Barcelona, a beautiful coastal city that attracts many people from all parts of Spain, as well as from abroad, as it perfectly combines the urban city life and beach you would expect to see in popular resorts.

Over the years we have help hundreds of people find their home in Barcelona, allowing us to become a connoisseur of the local real estate market. Hence we have composed a short list of reasons to buy an apartment in Barcelona.

Opportunities to live in Barcelona are endless. Regardless if you consider types of apartments in Barcelona, or houses of different size, regardless if we talk about one district or the other, when one chooses to live in Barcelona, there will be so many opportunities to choose and find the accommodation that completely fulfills the requirements and provides a comfortable home for its tenants.

With its 10 districts, varying in size and the number of people living there, Barcelona is a place where you will find a lot of living opportunities. Although the task of choosing the location might seem difficult at first, you will soon realize that the best location is usually the most convenient one, the one close the work, school, relatives, friends, etc. Each district in Barcelona is further divided into several quarters or neighborhoods, which make an apartment hunt much easier as you narrow down your search to a specific location.

Among all of the areas in the center of Barcelona, there is something unique about living in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, so let’s introduce this district and the main reasons contributing to such great popularity of this part of the city.

Home renovation ideasRenovating your home is an exciting opportunity to change the look of your home and add something new and fresh into it. Regardless of the scope of renovation, home improvement is always beneficial for the residents, as it has positive influence of personality and mood, not to mention practical improvements that could make life so much easier.

This is why we have gathered a list of the best home renovation ideas, and hopefully some of those can be easily applied to your own home.

1. Get rid of things you do not need

Although this might be a pretty obvious idea to renovate a place, we still believe it is an important part of renovation. Throughout the years, we gather a lot of things, and we all have at least one pile of those we do not actually need. Perhaps it was an impulse buy, or perhaps you have outgrown something, but the bottom line is, as you turn around your home, you must have some things you can instantly get rid of, even if you find it difficult to admit it, as you grow attached to things around you.

Getting rid of things you do not need helps you clear out the clutter that might be taking up much valuable space around your home, so if you want to start home renovation properly, try to remove anything you do not need and will not need in the future. When we talk about things we do not need, most of people first think about clothing and shoes, and this is true, we tend to pile up those in large amounts. However, other things around your apartment or house might be unnecessary as well, such as an old rug, or a lamp that you never use and actually does not go with any of your furniture. You might have a broken CD player you were planning to get repaired, but never actually found time to do it.

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