Homesearch Barcelona how to rent an apartmentTraveling is a great experience in life, which teaches us to cherish those precious moments we are lucky enough to spend traveling, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures from around the world.

Regardless if you only have time for a short city trip, or you are able to spend whole two weeks on your vacation, traveling is something that enriches your life and helps you grow as a person. You should always take advantage of the free time you have to spend it traveling and making memories that will be part of your life forever.One of the frequent dilemmas people have when traveling to Barcelona is how to rent an apartment in the city.

Homesearch Barcelona | Sagrada FamiliaSituated on the five kilometer long coast in the north of Spain, Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia area. Barcelona is a large cosmopolitan center, mostly renowned for the magnificent architecture and many landmarks that gained international fame as the city grew into one of the most popular tourist destination for the visitors around the globe.

Arriving to Barcelona will be quite comfortable, as there is an airport very near the city center, allowing you to easily reach the city from any international airport. Once you settle in your vacation rental in Barcelona, you are ready to explore the city and here are the top 10 attractions you should visit in Barcelona.

Housing prices slow their fallDuring these years the housing prices in Barcelona slow down. Homes have lost more than half its value.The best time to have an apartment in Barcelona!!! Buying an apartment is always investment for the future.

During the second quarter prices have fallen by 10.5% which represents a moderation in the downhill race housing living in Spain since January to March was slightly over 12%, according to the local market index that makes Tins.

The appraiser agrees with other observers: housing prices are at 2003, after falling 37% from the peak values ​​reached in the last quarter of 2007.


Depending on the analysis of local markets the biggest rebates in housing price stands nearly 16% during the year. The analysis observed the local market of Catalunya with more than 15%.

Why Spain became a good real estate choice for people all over the world?Spain is one of Europe’s most attractive countries, with much things to offer. In recent months, there has been a slowing down of the property market,However, property in Spain will always be popular with buyers who are looking to relocate or who are buying for lifestyle reasons. While investors may choose to look elsewhere in the world, Spain remains one of the best countries in the world for a relaxed way of life.

HomesearchBarcelona Reasons to buy a property abroadThere are several general reasons why people decide to buy a property abroad. Here they are:

  • 1) As an investment
  • 2) Need in holiday apartment/house
  • 3) To move somewhere else

Everyone knows that investment is an ideal tool to make your money work for you. For instance, if you buy an apartment in Barcelona or another touristic spot you can turn your new purchase into profitable vacation rental that will bring you constant income. Moreover, purchasing an apartment is also a good way to preserve savings.

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