altIt is nothing unusual that you might have a problems with lack of space in apartments in Barcelona. However, you don't need to worry since there is always a solution for every kind of problems.

Imagine that one of the tiniest rooms in your apartment is the kitchen. One of the most needed and used spaces, therefore, you don't want to feel straitened

These several tips might help you to make your kitchen look larger and more functional.





Nowadays, most of the people prefer to live in bigger cities, which literally means that they have to choose flats instead of staying in spacious private houses. One of the most typical problem of flats is lack of space.

Not everyone knows that this issue can be easily solved. Following advices will help to get better use of space by implementing clever interior design. As a result, you will get better use of space and even create extra one.

First of all, you should consider walls as a possible storage place. You can have few levels to keep more stuff on them. Use higher sections for the things you don´t use often and the lower ones for items you need regularly.


Office happens to be  quite popular and needed space in house of modern person.

In this room you can prepare for next work day, study new material or rest in peace with glass of whisky.

However, if you don't  choose the furniture carefully, it might be the you room you don't want to come in at all.

Kids´ room is an important spot in apartments and houses, where sprogs are growing up. While planning a decor for it you should take into account so many things. The most important rule is to listen to your child´s opinion and also be creative. Keep an eye on future, cause tastes of youngsters are changing very fast. Just make an interior flexible so that child´s room can easily be switched to teen´s room.

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