An outdoor terrace or balcony decorated in the right way can really brighten up a home or outdoor area. This is an especially beneficial decorating endeavor in the summer or warm months when the terrace becomes more than just a pretty place outside the window but a place for recreational activities and relaxation as well.

One way to really make a statement in these areas of your home is to use modern furniture in this area. Whether it is at your home, in your apartment in Barcelona, or outside of your townhouse, the following are some of the ideas to decorate these areas with modern furniture that will leave a lasting and impactful impression that you will be happy to call your own. 

Make your apartment environmentally friendlyDid you know that interior design can also be sustainable? Nowadays sustainability is a mainstream that followed by millions people in the whole world. To make your apartment in Barcelona environmentally friendly, follow the steps that are described below.

Rule #1 Use a space rationally. That will help to minimize the use of construction materials.

Rule #2 Use environmentally responsible constructions and materials. Choose materials that maximize the energy efficiency. For instance, use water-saving toilets and wood flooring that can be easily renewed.

Creative Storage Spaces For Your HomeThe storage space can be a big issue for many people living in Barcelona. Especially, in the older districts of Barcelona where the floor area of apartments is small and storage possibilities are limited. That is why the unusual ways for solving the problem can be interesting to know about.

The idea is to use the spaces that were previously hidden and not used. You can think of any part of your house which you would like to turn into a secret drawer. Using a little bit of creativity and do-it-yourself skills, you can increase your storage space without hurting the esthetical image of your home.

To give you a little bit more of inspiration, here we provide you some ideas of creative storage spaces.

Hanging from the ceiling, the flexible shelves save a lot of space and create interaction between the interior and the user.


Give your home new look with statement wallAre you always wondering how is it that the rooms in movies or design magazines look so perfect?

In case you are bored of white walls and the same design of your bedroom,kitchen or any other room in your home,Homesearch Barcelona have a couple of suggestions for you.


Bold look is beautiful and adds amazing effect to any kind of space in your house. Statement wall can be affordable and simple option when you want to get a fresh look.

You have several options for various budgets, how to create unique statement wall - from painting ,to wallpapers, photographs or bricks.

Lighting for your home in Barcelona Home lighting is one of the most important elements that cannot be disregarded. With the correct usage of lighting system, your home can look much more better. Even if you don't have enough windows, this decoration component will help your place to shine.

Generally people do not care about the lighting and the types of the lamps they use. It is a common thing to hang a bulb alone although every time you look at it, you think how dull it looks.

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