HomesearchBarcelona | Protect your apartment!Well, this time we will raise another important topic related to our home´s safety. Every single second somewhere in the world property owners become victims of burglary. Consequently, here comes the question how to prevent our homes from burglars and thieves who are always ready to make good at our expenses. Follows these 4 easy steps, and the chances are you will never have to deal with that question either.

Step #1 Choose the front door, which does not have a letter box. Quiet often burglars use this hole in order to look at the interior of the flat and even for stealing your keys that you leave in the hall. If you do not believe it is possible we tell you that they do not even need to have modern devices, extendable fishing rod is a likely thing for starting the intrusion to your dwelling.

Step #2 It might be a bit expensive, but installing the alarm will definitely protect you house from bad people. You can put it to the rooms, which are not used by you during night time, for example hall, living room, kitchen, etc.

Step #3 Equip your house with CCTV cameras. It is extremely useful in daily life as you can always check who rings the bell. And it can also gather evidences if burglars try to enter your house. Police can use the video later in order to find these people.

Step #4 (the most pleasant one) You should get a dog. Your new family member will protect your house from strangers 24/7.

Making your property safe is not complicated at all and I does not take much time to make all this steps done. HomeSearchBarcelona wishes you good luck!

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