Property managementMany of our clients have told us that during years they were hesitating to invest in Spain because they were worried about the management of the property, once it is purchased. Furthermore, some testify that one of the reasons they decided to use Homesearch Barcelona® service and go ahead with their investment was our commitment to the post purchase management of the property and our ability to demonstrate our responsibility and effectiveness in the apartment management.

Buy to let an apartment

When it comes to “buying to let” abroad, it is very important for the buyer have a reliable and professional management company to work with and to take care of all the details, such as putting the property on the market for rent, preparing the legal documentation, signing the rental agreements, managing the income collection, resolving possible incidents etc.


We provide a professional, reliable and cost effective management service that allows our clients to invest in any kind of property without any worries as for its management. As a local Spanish real estate firm and as a management company residing in Barcelona, we can easily resolve any incident that needs immediate attention, in a cost effective way, and with minimum worries for the owner.

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