Property purchase BarcelonaFinding the right property for you is just the beginning of the journey rather than the end of it. Barcelona’s real estate agencies will show you properties for sale or properties for rent in Barcelona but they won’t take in consideration you specific needs as a foreigner. The list is long but one small example is the NIE. If you don’t plan in advance your NIE application you may yourself paying a deposit on a property that you will not be able to purchase because notaries oblige foreigners to have this document in order for them to complete the purchase. If you live abroad then things are likely to get complicated and you may find yourself travelling in to Spain few times before you will be able to complete the purchase process.

If you plan on buying your property using bank finance, we will also help to arrange the preparations of the mortgage paper work, the property evaluation, the technical survey (when necessary) etc…

The coordination of the purchase final agreement (Escritura) is crucial when it comes to a foreign buyer, as there special legal documents required by the notary which the seller’s agent is not always aware of. Mistakes in the coordination of the final agreement could mean traveling back and forth to Spain, spending unnecessary time and money.

Homesearch Barcelona has years of experience is advising non Spanish buyers and managing their property investment in Barcelona. We will make sure all the small details are taken care of and we will help with the coordination of all the aspects of the deal.

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